Change the way Round Robins are displayed in open bets

As of now, the way in which round robins are displayed in my “open bets” tab on the transaction page makes no sense. When a leg wins, that amount is subtracted from the total bet placed. This should be super easy, just make the amount that it shows to me match the open legs of the round robin, so that I can easily keep track of which bets are open vs settled. I never understood why it is the way that it is anyway.

I’m a bit confused here by:

Can you provide a screenshot of what you’re seeing in your open bets regarding the round robin you placed? Are you saying that the placed bet amount gets subtracted by the winning legs of the parlay?

I don’t have any screenshots available at the moment to take, but here’s what happens:

I place a round robin, let’s say 50 different combinations at $2 each for $100 total

If one of the legs loses, the “open bets” tab of my transactions page still shows the original bet with a value of $100.

If one of the legs wins, let’s say pays out $10, the “open bets” tab of my transactions page will now show the original bet but with a value of $90. This obviously makes no sense.

It isn’t impacting anything in terms of payouts, it’s just an interface issue that makes it difficult to easily see the current status of a round robin.

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I can actually add that right now I do have a pending one in my account, Ref 21121435855518. This was an eight team round robin (only the 2-way bets), and 6 of the eight have lost (ouch), 1 has won, and 1 is yet to play. Each bet was for $5. This should then reduce to a single open bet of $5, but it still shows $140.

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That’s a bit more clear now in my head. I’ll bring this to the attention of the sports team or our leadership next week. I do see that there’s not much information regarding the placement of the RR other than it’s original wager placement.

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Thanks, I appreciate it. Like I mentioned, it’s just an interface/user experience thing, and doesn’t appear to be causing any issues with calculations of payouts.

Just as an upate here this is something we discussed today and have forwarded it off to the Sports Team for review. We can’t guarantee a specific timeline on this but it will be looked at.

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