Clarity and honesty from BOVADA

@moderators I know tensions are high rn with the site down apparently to literally everyone and a lot of angry messages are coming in.

But I think the biggest theme everyone is getting at now and in the past is that better, sooner, more honest information from BOVADA would go a very long way for the customer experience, especially to some of our best members in the community.

I know many cases of my own, as well as countless stories from others, about misinformation depending on who you talk to on the service team and rules that are applied haphazardly or without notice.

We would all appreciate an improved effort on the company’s part in this area. While the site down also indicates technical issues, those will happen from time to time and I think the deeper issue is the complete lack of communication most of the time. Or communication that is thoroughly void of any actual information.

I know you moderators try very hard to make the community a better place but if I were the higher leadership, I would be very worried about this trend across all aspects of the company


I was told by customer service I would get a bonus like other people. Why don’t you just shut down the site if your going to tell lies and throw your buisness In the trash.

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I got the same message about the bonus and haven’t received anything either and haven’t gotten any “little gifts” in over 3 weeks like we usually do.

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Have you looked under your bonus tab? Tgats where they put the points from the 26th. They didnt load it directly to oyr accounts

Site down again today.

Mods wont even answer my dm

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Site spinning

It team is a joke


I came to realize this isn’t just a Bovada thing. Its just how society and the world operates now. Wait in line 30 mins for food with two people in line and they act like you should be grateful you eventually got your food. There is no more customer service anywhere. This is a world trend. It’s just the direction society is headed. They aren’t worried about the customer anymore than your neighbor cares if their dog shits in your yard.



customer service wont give any comps
play 90 k a month and they think a measley 40 dollars is a good comp for having a SH ---- it IT department who cant keep a site up

never been to a book with his many IT issues
its a disgrace

complete disgrace

rigged poker
rigged live casino
rigged live lines to only accept line if it benefits thier live line

now IT issues with next to nothing comps

A live casino with no business name no transperncy

COMLete f in sham


The rigged live lines is so true it’s insane bet will only go through if it moves against you

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had money on 11 in live casino twice

it landed on it twice twice and sat there

2 seconds later jumps all the way over to 16

anyone else witness this complete BS

3600 swing both rolls

completely comical

What I find baffling is despite the obvious difficulty people are having with your site right now, your promotions department still stubbornly refuses to offer the bitcoin exclusive bonuses they were offering. I was able to get my last two withdrawals without a hitch, but there’s no incentive whatsoever for me to put anything else in at this time. I deposited yesterday with sportsbetting for the obvious reason…they aren’t having site problems. Why would a standard sports bettor deposit with you when they can go to another site and not deal with technical issues? It’s not like you have some exception lines for baseball and basketball games, nor do you offer reduce juice.


Bot attacks. There are tools to stop. Kind of thinking team on this is not using all available resourcrs

They are acting like there gonna close