Community suggestions

I’ve loved the way the sites run. I’m addicted in a maybe a good way?:sweat_smile:

I thought of another idea after seeing a few tiktok streams showing bovada.

  1. Entertain the idea of a weekly bonus based on how much you’ve wagered? Perhaps every sunday at 12 it will release.

  2. Have a daily, weekly, monthly parlay jackpot.

The highest odds parlay wins each reward. Min bet $5

Daily $500?
Weekly $5000?
Monthly $25000

  1. Live casino challenge.

If you maintain 20 hours of casino action a week get a surprise box.

  1. A deposit bonus up to $2000 100%
  2. $150 bonus
  3. 50% deposit bonus up to $1000
  4. 35% profit boost on a parlay max winnings 3k

Also give me a 100% deposit bonus up to $2000 :heartpulse::ok_hand: