Confused on Tennis Rule?

Okay so I had a Stefan Kozlov moneyline wager and he retired before the match was completed. The wager was graded as a loss and after talking to a customer service rep, he explicitly stated that if a player retires that the wager still has action and the opposing player will be awarded the win for settlement purposes. I have constantly told him that that is not the case but he keeps referring me to rule #2? So, if a player retires during a match will the bet be voided or graded as a loss?

This I think is a 100% voided bet. Anytime you bet on a moneyline, and a player retires, the moneyline bets become voided.

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Maximillian, tell them to have the sportsbook team review, same issue on same match for me earlier, the chat rep is out of their element. Rule 2 1st paragraph is specifically for when a retirement happens at any point, it is a push. The second part on a dq is probably what they’re misreading. That’s in cases, like when Novak hit that ball lady in the throat and got dq’ed from the us open. Retirement and dq are very different

Hi @maximilian I can see that the wager was resettled as a win. Congratulations!