Crypto-Exclusive Bonus Deadline Extended

I’m not sure when you changed the deposit bonus deadlines, but I just made a deposit to find out your deadline went from 6 months to a month - for a 30/30/20x rollover. I honestly believe with that deadline reduction and the rollover requirements, you are encouraging irresponsible gambling. Regardless of the amount deposited, achieving even the 20x casino rollover in just over a month would require your customers to gamble irresponsibly to achieve that rollover.

Based on all the feedback I’ve provided in this section of the forum, I don’t know if this is going to go anywhere, but please take this feedback to heart and make a change. If you do actually encourage responsible gaming, then let your actions match your words. Either extend the deadline, lower the rollover requirements, or get rid of the “bitcoin exclusive” promotion.


Did you ever get an answer to this? I have the same problem with a rollover that is illogical to bet the amounts needed and do it responsibly. Wish I had not done the Bonus now that I know what it entails.

No answer. Can’t say I’m surprised. Seems like every bit of reasonable feedback I provide isn’t used. I would imagine the reason for this is my comment about responsible gambling. They wouldn’t want to seem like they say one thing about responsible gambling, but do another with their actions. I would imagine no comment is the safe play for them. I wish I could say I was shocked.


This is something we can pass feedback on. However these kind of things are at the discretion of marketing and based on business models, so in my opinion I wouldn’t expect this to change at the moment.

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@Paul_Bovada I appreciate your response, and your honesty. Being real with you, just getting a response to say “hey, probably not going to do this but thanks for your feedback” is enough for me. Getting ignored sucks. Getting rejected is a part of life, I can accept that. What about some of the other suggestions I’ve provided? Would you be able to respond to some of those others that are still “in review”? Even to know those have been reviewed and rejected I can accept.

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If they are in review then we have passed on feedback.
We don’t get replies back from them specifically, but if something does get changed then it gets moved to applied.

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Interesting that I never have a problem rolling my bonuses over it typically takes me 5-6 days

Good for you. I would imagine you either have lower rollover requirements or you gamble at a rate I’m personally not comfortable with.

Im level 3 almost into VIP ……I believe based on what you posted I have the the same rollover rates.

I would be inclined to believe the later part of your reply is correct

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