CS Chat Notifications

It would be very beneficial if there was some sort of chat notification when a CS agent sends a message during chat support, either browser or sound notification, to alert the person receiving support.

Many times, I will ask a question and go to another tab while I await an answer, forget to come back, and my chat ends due to inadvertent inactivity.


Apologies for any delayed response here. Our chat agents are trained to ensure they send a message asking if a player is still available if having no contact within a few minutes. They shouldn’t simply disconnect a conversation without any warning. If this does happen let us know and we can always review.

No problem about the delayed response @Ryan_Bovada, figured the Suggestion Box is treated differently anyway since there isn’t usually a quick resolution.

Reading your response, therein lies the problem. Chat agents do a great job of checking in but the problem is that I usually go do other things in different tabs or applications while I await a response and am not notified with a visual or audio notification when they do response, and by the time I get back to the chat, it’s too late and they’ve already ended chat and I have to open up a new chat.

Understood, so the suggestion here is more about adding a ping or audio noise to the chat box?

Yea I agree…agents have been great in my experience but it’s more of a enhancement to your software enable push notification.

Bovada should be able to make this enhancement giving the money they’re making lol but understand this type of change might not be a priority in backlog as it’s not revenue generating lol

Yes, either an audio notification or if there’s a browser notification where the tab flashes or a popup box appears would be great.

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