Csr tips eligiblity

I think this is a smooth overdue logic idea. When perhaps doing a withdrawal or winning within play (s) if there could be a designated section to where we can see the last 3/4 reps who help us out last there be option to tip them based with a max or no max type deal. There are some reps I feel who go above and beyond and make things happen and offer great service which I feel deserve more than others who don’t seem to care. Anywho just thought I’ll throw an idea like this out here.


We certainly do appreciate the sentiment and that you want to thank any agents, supervisors, or moderators that have helped you in the past for instance. The issue with this would likely be that there would certainly be room for issues with things like bribery or treating players differently based on the tips they provide. We wouldn’t want agents asking for tips or expecting them based on their performance or if they provided bonuses to players, etc. (I understand in your case you’re just trying to give a nice gift for agents that helped you, but there’s a possibility some would take advantage of this)

Ultimately we’re here and happy to help without any extra monetary incentive from players and it’s what we’re here for. I do again though appreciate the sentiment that any of our players would even want to provide us tips or gifts for our help and the idea itself is a nice offer.


Yes of course I thought of that as well. Maybe as an idea for future. But nonetheless even if it’s $2 max or so. Just throwing in some ways to give back like some do for us. do appreciate y’all

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The best tip you can give to them is positive feedback and a THANK YOU.