Daily freebies for higher level players

I think it would be awesome if higher level players were given daily freebies. Obviously it should be based on your level like legendary can get a small free roll or .50 poker sit and go. while someone who is a hall of famer gets like x amount of free rolls or 2 dollar sit and go etc.

the fact is that in order for you to have gotten to that level, I am pretty certain that person has dropped significant amount of money into Bovada. We want to stay loyal to the site and enjoy gambling here. But sometimes we hit our dry spells and itd be nice to have something that would enable us to continue to play even if it is small. if we lose it, oh well. if we win something with it, okay awesome. I am sure most would continue to drop their money into the site when they do get some of their own funds out of appreciation (and wanting to improve their rank/level).


Players do receive daily rewards. Reward points earned while you play and the reward store is essentially the same item. We can provide feedback towards this, but it is somewhat something that is already offered.

I agree. More free spins or drops of actual free plays would be nice. Or else i need to be playing thru $100s to get like $2 in rewards points

I know what you are saying, but that is based off of earned play. Not from your level or rank. Benbray111 gets it, and that is that we have to go through 100s just for like $2 in rewards points… if we could get something daily (based off rank/level) that is actually FREE. I mean the level/rank is already you earning it since it takes a lot of money to get to said level.

I second this. It’s been months and months since I’ve seen anything bonus related that didn’t have the word DEPOSIT attached…Granted I don’t always deposit more than $25/$50 at a time these past few months, but it’s hard to do that after you’ve recently been s***canned from work, yet I still do sporadically. I don’t wanna beg either, I’m just saying it would be nice to see maybe every full moon or something. I’m about to hit Legendary level 1 and I wonder if it gets any better then…

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It does not, sorry my friend

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Sorry dawg. It’s a backwards rewards system. The more you spend, the less you get. I suggest changing books.