Daily Freeroll

My suggestion is to have a daily $100 freeroll.

The set up would be as such:

Starting Chips; 1,500

Optional rebuys available until the break at a cost of 50 cents for 1,500 chips. Players are allowed to make a double rebuy for a total of 3,000 chips and can do a rebuy at the start of the tournament to top off their intial 1,500 to 3,000. Anytime a players chip balance goes under 1500 during the rebuy stage they can rebuy as well.

At the break an optional add on for 50 cents to receive 3,000 chips.

Levels are 5 minutes long.

Late Registration Available until the end of Level 3 only.

All rebuys/addon $ is added to the prize pool.

Payouts would be based upon the normal tournament set up based on total amount of entries capped at 50-100 paying positions. it might be even less depending on how many people enter, but should never be more.

I don’t want to see people winning under $1. It has to be worth the time and to rebuy and add on.

The time of the tournament could be at 8PM Eastern daily. This should give many people a chance to enter and play.


Had to pull teeth to just get the monthly one going. I agree this is a great idea but will never happen


Back in the Bodog days, there were two daily Freerolls $500 each. I think one ran early AM,
the other started mid evening. There were a lot of players in each. Ah the good old days


Bumping back to the top.

@freaksforum You’re referring to a tournament like this site wide and not just a community one correct?

Yes site wide. It would be a big success.


4+ Months any update?


There rule is they don’t give updates, unless 3 or more people ask, so we are gonna need at least one more person too ask before a mod will respond with an update

Well the feedback was provided and we usually circle back on threads once an update is applied but we have no new information on daily freerolls in the pipeline.