Deposit Bonus Structure Suggestion

Hi All,

I know that the site just made major changes to the bonus structure and in reading topics and speaking with others, the players overwhelmingly do not like the new structure at all. I can’t say I’ve read one positive post or had a conversation where anyone has said they like the new structure.

What I am about to propose would be of benefit to the player and to Bovada and I’ll explain that later.


First Time Crypto Deposit Bonus:

100% First Time Crypto Bonus up to $1,000.
15x Rollover with the max bonus $1,000


Casino 100% First Time Crypto Bonus

100% First Time Crypto Bonus up to $2,000
30x rollover with max bonus $2,000

This would be for casino games only and the standard casino verbiage as with prior offers. This means that not all games will contribute equally to clearing the bonus and that some games may be excluded such as craps etc… Again the standard casino verbiage.

Now for those that have made Crypto deposits before:


30% Crypto Reload up to $600
12x Rollover with a max of $600 bonus


30% Crypto Reload up to $1,200
24x Rollover with a max bonus of $1,200

For all other deposit methods


First Time Deposit

50% up to $1,000

20x Rollover with a max bonus of $1,000


First Time Deposit

50% up to $2,000

40X Rollover with a max bonus of $2,000

Reload Bonus


50% up to $500

15x Rollover with a max bonus of $500


50% up to $1,000

30x Rollover with max bonus $1,000

This benefits the players in several ways, you know what the deposit bonuses are, they are the same for everyone. There’s no guessing. These bonuses would be allowed as many times as the deposit as long as your balance is under $1. This way you can’t stack bonuses and take a shot at the house. You are either going to clear the play through amount, go broke or somewhere in between.

For Bovada, it continues to push the players to use Crypto as the deposit methods, it cuts down on the potential of chargebacks and above all else keeps your clients happy. Unhappy clients leave and go elsewhere and other books will welcome them with open arms.

As for the requirements of the play through, it would be what is currently the standard for sportsbook and casino bonuses as it is now, there would be no changes on how clearance takes place. This keeps everything on the up and up. Once again it provides clarity for not only the players but the people that have to answer questions whether that is chat support or moderators.

Look forward to feedback from the players before the mods interject anything.



anything poker related?

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Well run that by our promotions department and get back to you… :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :joy: :joy:


:rofl: :sunglasses:

As for poker, I would leave the current bonus the same with the exception of these changes

Poker Bonus will be released in USD (United States Dollars) up to a maximum of $500USD.

I would change this to $1,000 instead of $500

All issued bonuses are based on the amount of Rewards Points earned within 30 days of your first deposit.

I would change it to 90 days. This gives the player the time needed to clear the bonus and it generates rake for the house, it’s a win win all around. Nobody wants forced to play non stop for 30 days or marathon sessions. It makes no sense to penalize a player by removing the bonus If they used the promotion, then you know they are going to play poker because that’s all this bonus is good for.

I would also institute a reload bonus since one isn’t available.

100% up to $500 and give 45 days for this promotion. Basically it is half the amount and half the time as the welcome. Again it serves the purpose for the house and the player.

Of course as with the sports and casino bonuses, the players do not have to use the bonuses if they don’t want to. It is truly optional. Some don’t want to be tied into roll over or time frames, others don’t mind.


I am looking for serious replies and interaction. Antagonizing the mods isn’t going to achieve that purpose.

People want change and I am trying to get it instituted, so please serious replies and let’s see if we can get some change that players are asking for.

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I like where you going with this. But couple issues I see. A lot of the complaints I have seen have been people not understanding what they get. Some get free spins, some don’t. Different bonus offerings depending on account. Me personally the current crypto bonuses and crypto cash back being offered to me is quite a bit better then what you have listed. To be fair to Bovada I wouldn’t say what mine are. But I think that is some of the issue. One issue I have as a poker, sports, casino player is the crypto bonus does not move over to poker. It should I think. With just different rollovers. I’m glad the old cash back is gone personally I think it was a nightmare. But i see the point of the players also that buy a lot of vouchers and player transfers and get no cash back anymore like they used to. I know they want to push Bitcoin and it has worked. But there should be some incentive even if small for voucher and player transfer buyers. The money stays on the site with voucher and player transfer. Should be something. Really all they wanted to get rid of was credit card deposits. I think that would make lot of people happy. I don’t know the fix. But I like what you are trying to do and thank you.

I like the way you think, @freaksforum. I’m all in favor of that. Given the subject of this thread, I’ve been considering alternative formats as well and this feels like a good place to share.

Here’s a rough idea I’ve been toying with: a weekly bonus based on 2 factors:

1 - Player tier
2- Activity in the prior week

Let’s assume that each tier gets a fixed amount each week. HOWEVER - the playthrough requirements can diminish based on your activity during that week. The bonuses will expire at the end of the week if not A) activated or B) played through.

The dollar figures and playthrough multiples below are hypothetical and only serve to explain the idea.

So hypothetically - “All Star” players will get $25 each monday (Legend: $50, HOF: $100). The playthrough requirements on that $25 will be dependent on their activity from the week prior. So if a player doesn’t play at all for a week and logs in on monday - they will see their $25 has a 50x playthrough requirement, whereas another All Star that has accumulated X thousand tier points in that week will also see their $25, but with a lower playthrough requirement, with direct correlation to their week’s activity.

The more you play, the lower your playthrough requirement on your weekly bonus.

Thanks for the feedback, keep it coming.

Feedback from other players here dosent change a damn thing…mods and promotions department are nowhere to be found

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I asked the mods not to comment on this thread and let the players respond in a constructive manner. Nothing will be achieved with reactions that aren’t conducive to the conversation.

I am here trying to make a difference and incorporate a positive change for the players. It’s very defeating to me to see such comments.

Keep it to the topic at hand and if anyone has something productive to add, please do so. Change doesn’t happen overnight and will never happen without productive feedback.


The world as we have created it is a process of our thinking. It cannot be changed without changing our thinking.

freaksforum you keep doing what you’re doing, change is hard and it takes just one person to start the ball rolling for change. You are that one person. Thanks for looking out for us every day type of people.


No I just want to use my credit card I’m done with crypto

It’s better than what they have changed it to. It is horrible now. I looked forward to the cash bonuses that they would drop on my account. Plus they worked. Before you knew it, the 200 or 300 they gave me would turn into me depositing 1000’s more later.

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I like this but what about my level? I am above both Hall of Fame levels where I am Hall of Fame never ending I guess lol

To each their own. I think it’s better now with the Bitcoin Exclusive deposit bonuses and perks.

Ya if you only deposit 30 dollars a week it’s great but losing hundreds a day and getting it back the next was a great relief now its once a week and it never seems as much as it should be and the “offers” aren’t as great as they think they are.

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Play elsewhere then that caters to your needs better?

Great idea…its called a forum where you give thoughts and some people’s thoughts are diffrent than yours maybe instead of saying then leave if you dont like it bovada will say maybe well look into that they probably wont…hope I was able to explain how forums work

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I really don’t care what you do either way, just saying if you don’t like what they are rolling out for you there are always other options. Best of luck on your mission…