Differences in the Loyalty levels

There needs to be some type of difference in the loyalty levels. There’s Hall of Fame members that have been on here for ever and spent thousands of dollars getting the same perks and bonuses as rookie members. Can’t even get free bonus as a hall of fame member

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This has been discussed on a few other threads previously, but the main thing to take away is that the main differences are different and cheaper reward store offers, as well as the fact that your tier levels are taken into account for bonus programs.

this is simply not true. Before Hall of Fame, I was able to redeem 75000 points for $100.

Now the only offer for $100 is 95000

I’m sure there are smaller increment disadvantages


Ryan, please don’t play us for fools. The only thing that is taken into account for bonus programs are how much you win/lose on here. Loyalty and HOF status makes zero difference and I would love for you or any of the mods to prove me otherwise. I am speaking from experience here. When I’m down bad, I do get rewarded with little gifts consistency. When I win, those bonuses go away.

In brick and mortar casinos, it doesn’t matter if you win or lose, they reward you based on amount staked and size of wagers. Bovada should follow similar practices if they want to keep loyal players.


My rewards store offers have definitely gotten worse since i hit HoF

I’m not sure if that’s simply s funcion of everyones offers getting worse or if it correlates to my move up

But either way getting

25 bucks for 37500
100 for 95000
10 for 15000

Etc isn’t really a motivator

Especially now that we also get fewer rewards points per dollar staked

I’m relatively sure i got more rewards points per dollar my first day here than i get now as a HoFer


I’m glad you called him and Bovada out on it.

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And yet no response from @Ryan_Bovada to refute my claim because he knows it’s the truth. All we ask for is transparency but when you’re offshore, you can do what you want because they know they’ll always get business so no point in wasting time treating loyal customers well. Such a damn shame.


Couldn’t have said this better…

Your loyalty level is how bovada grades you and also how you will receive better percs/bonuses…you dont make it to a legend over night

The one and only and I mean ONLY good thing with being HOF is that when there is a compensation plan for all users ie DDoS attacks, website going down for days, etc. We receive a little more than the other levels. That is the only thing that I’ve seen as a benefit. I’d rather be brand new than HOF honestly.

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There was no comment because I wasn’t available until today.

Just to confirm something above. Note that the changes you are all speaking on were actual program changes that happened recently. I understand that now the offers have changed, but what I’ve stated would still apply in terms of comparison to others that aren’t in the same tier level currently. The question was about the differences between tier levels at the moment, not necessarily changes since you’ve entered the program on a personal level.

In regards to what you stated @lensmachamp tier levels are definitely included in program decisions. You would be correct in assuming activity plays a factor as well, but tier levels are always taken into consideration too. This however isn’t really something we can prove or give data on, as it’s account to account bonuses or programs.

Hi Ryan,

Could you explain to me the difference between Legend Level 2 and Legend Level 3?

Just became Legend Level 3!


The frequency of bonuses may differ, while occasionally different bonuses would be earned as well.

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I apologize @Ryan_Bovada. I’m sure tiers do play a part in offers however since there is no true transparency on how or what qualifies a player for an offer or bonus from the top, you can see how it can be frustrating to us players.

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