Does this place give casino bonus?

Hello, I am new here. I’ve deposited 3 times so far. And that seems like the end of any bonus offered… for a casino to give themselves such high reputations, seems a bit odd not to offer any type of deposit bonus

Lol. Thats a good one. Bonus at bovada. Good one. Loo


You can ask CS for a deposit bonus.

Looking to sell 60$ ignition credits :sweat_smile:

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LOL I’m starting to see why this place and their sister sites all have bad reviews….

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I don’t think so. But I know if you call customer service they give bonuses.

Lol. I deposited $1,400.00 on Friday and called CS and they offered me a $2 sit N go at poker!!! This place continues to be trash


That’s disgusting and poor customer service. Given I’ve only made 3 deposits. I am already considering disabling my account.

Try these

They use to be really good and generous with their bonuses both deposit and non deposit but ever since the updated the time before last they haven’t given shit for bonus like not received a single non deposit bonus and can’t anything good for any deposit bonuses that don’t involve crypto deposit

Yea it’s trash, I made a deposit at 8:55pm and lost it all by 9:04pm. I didn’t even get to play an entire 10 whole minutes so I called and got the same answer! (Unfortunately at this time your account is not eligible). I’ve been getting that same answer for the last 5 months!! I deposited in the last 5 days at least $1600 maybe $2k and only withdrawn $200 and I’m still not eligible for a no deposit bonus!! Absolutely the worst CS and Promotions team in any casino site on the entire internet! Straight TRASH SERVICE

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