Double standard on tennis retirements

You guys have absolutely got to be kidding.

My under 29.5 games for Alcaraz is settled as a loss after a retirement at 7-5, 7-5, 2-0.

However several months ago, I placed a wager of Over total games, and a retirement happened. So I said the only logical conclusion to this match is that it would be Over, because for a player to get to 6 games, they’d have to go over. But Bovada settled it as a push.

How can you possibly have such a double standard this is unreal. A win is negated, but a loss stands. Come on guys.

And yes, I’ve reviewed Rule 3, but it’s ridiculous that when Bovada screws something up, it’s on me to dig through the depths of rules to cite something. Had the representative I spoke to months ago known about this rule I would’ve been given a win? Or is the site just changing rules on wagering without any rhyme or reason?


That is horrendous

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That is a joke. How much of this can keep happening and people like me keep depositing. This whole website is starting to smell rotten

Please provide the wager numbers so we can have them reviewed accordingly.


And even better. It was corrected, for like ten mins, then Bovada took the money back out of my account.
So not only a ridiculous double standard, but then representing to me that I had use of my winnings, but then taking them back away.
Never seen anything like this—it’s absolutely absurd.

This is actually the correct ruling here I’m afraid as ultimately the result was determined. If you can remember what the previous wager was we can probably take a look though if it was already determined at the time of the retirement. If it was already guaranteed to be over then we could have looked into this.

All due respect, it shouldn’t be my job to ensure the representatives I’m talking to on Bovada know what the hell they’re doing.
The number of times I’ve had to correct problems from Bovada’s end, only to get push back every time there’s an ambiguity—I’m done. Too many sites with automated systems that are not subject to the interpretation of a customer service representative who isn’t capable of even understanding what a wager of over or under actually means.

I have the same thing to happen to me. I took the under in the same match? How is it a lost? I could understand no action or push? According to the rules, I won, the match total went under. I emailed customer service and got a bot response to look in the community. Last time I sent messages there, I get no response. What is going on here. I have spent thousands on this site. How many times has this happened? You only get 7 days to contest? Why is that? This is completely smells rotten. First time u got me for $150 tip to a dealer I did not do in blackjack. Never responded, I stop casino betting bc of it. I have had enough.


Took the under in the same tennis match? How is that not a win? Or even a push or no action. But a lost? It’s anything but a lost.


  • Example 2: A best-of-3 set match is abandoned at 6-2 4-6; bets on Over/Under 23.5 games or fewer in match will be settled as winners/losers respectively, since any natural conclusion to the match would have at least 24 games; bets on Over/Under 24.5 games or more will be void.

7-5, 7-5, 2-0 was the score at retirement. There was 26 games at retirement. If the match had continued, the least amount of games played to decide a winner would be 30 if the final set ended 6-0, which would be over the 29.5.

EDIT: Figuring this stuff out myself so let me know if I am understanding wrong.


This is correct!

But would bovada credit you the win if you had over and it ended in retirement? That’s the real question.

That happened to me, and they didn’t. So that is my issue. As I acknowledged in my initial post, I’m aware of Rule 3.
The problem is that bovada’s representatives too often apply their rules inconsistently or not at all, and this shouldn’t come back on players. Took just a week or two of trying out some other sites to realize how deficient bovada’s customer service has become.

If a wager is graded as a loss I do believe the opposite wagers automatically also get graded as a win. If there was a discrepancy in the past this would mean both sides were incorrectly graded essentially.

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Wow I actually remember the tread you posted about where some player retired and you lose and if this is the exact opposite then something is wrong here. Don’t know much about tennis but like the mod said if one is a loss then the other should be a win….right???

Please point to the post. There is differences here as it’s not black and white if the player forfeited. It all depends mostly on whether the outcome was already determined at the time which can change results.

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I also now have an example and I will gladly post!

Would the sportsbook team even bat an eye if I didn’t keep active track of things?

Glad the wager was fixed.

I would very much like to note Mikey, it was off engagement by me