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Hello all, I recently discovered this part of the forum so I figured i’d start a thread. If i’ve traded with you in the past or present please feel free to leave a review of how the transaction went, or suggestions on how to improve. I look forward to more smooth transactions with all of you in the near future. Stay blessed :pray:t3::sunglasses:


@dustin_b12 is an awesome community member who I respect and highly trust with trading. Awesome awesome user! :sunny::palm_tree:


Gonna bump this because i’ve made a lot of trades and good interactions in the past couple months but get no love :frowning: please leave a positive thought even if it was as simple as discussing sports picks

Enjoy discussing sports with @dustin_b12 even when we miss on parlays lol
Overall good dude and contributor to the community

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great member and @dustin_b12 also gets brownie points from me because he seems to enjoy golf action as much as I do.

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