End of the year casino nominations

With the new year approaching, I’d thought it would be fun to hold a forum nomination thread for casino games and to show appreciation for the mods that keep this place running. I understand things have been shaky for some in regards to slot success but let’s try to be civil and make this enjoyable :blush:

I’ll start
Game of the year : mystic elements

This game has saved me many times when it’s hitting…honorable mention, Caesar’s victory. Fun game that actually gives me some spins even when cold.

Leech (worst slot) of the year: golden buffalo…

I can’t hit anything more than 40x on this slot despite it advertising a possibility of 10,000x your bet or whatever…not to mention (probably over 5000) “near misses” with 2 bonus reels only haha

Mod of the year: I haven’t interacted with them much but I’d have to say the name that stands out is @Matty_Bovada thanks for your sportsmanship

What you got ? :beers:

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Oops I put this In the wrong section…could a @moderators move this to casino forum

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Lawless Ladies is my goat this year. $800 on a $0.40 spin a few months ago I’ve now spun into about $1900. Second favorite has been 10x Wins. That slot seems pretty high variance but I’ve hit a few $150 wins on there for a similar bet.

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A night with Cleo. Just used her sexy ass to make it through 8500 in rollover to turn $100 into $2500


Lawless ladies I’ve hit amazing wins off just 20¢, biggest win 525 (those red ladies!)

Dirty diner: just do it. And the BEE slot -couple hundred off basically nothing

And. DONUTS. best game ever

Instant inferno.

I use bovada mostly for betting. I can’t win anything on the casino here anymore. I play casino on another sister site that will remain nameless. I did good my first year on Bovada in 2021, but nothing this year.

Best games when I do play on another site:
Caesar Victory, Dragon Siege, Fairy Wins…I can play longer with these games before all my money is gone.

Great paying games with low bet, but volatile as hell. You could go literally 100 spins and not win, but then bomb a big hit: 10 times Vegas and Fury of Zeus.

Best of the best new games, but again volatile as hell but pays good when you hit: Clash of Queens, Temple of Luxor, and LUXE 555.

Pure trash POS games that you can never win on, but people play all the time: Golden Buffalo, A Night with Cleo, Reels and Wheels XL, Larry Lucky Tavern (there is nothing lucky about this game. It will drain your bank), Instant Inferno ( You will never get the bonus, just highway robbery of your bank account), Mystic Elements, 777 Deluxe, and Caesar Empire.