Expand All in Sports


I was hoping you can implement an ‘expand all’ type button in the sports section.
For instance, if I go to Tennis, there’s usually a few matches that are expanded and they are usually the ones that are most popular at the moment.
Other matches are minimized and you have to expand them by pressing the + symbol. Sometimes, there’s 10-20 different tournaments going on and usually about 3 of them are expanded. That means, I have to click on each + symbol to expand all the other tournaments to see the bet lines.

Can you guys create a button where you can just click the button and it will expand all the tournaments/games in the specific genre? It will save tons of clicks. You can also create a ‘collapse all’ button where it’ll minimize all the tournaments and make it easier to find certain ones if you are looking for specific ones.
I hope this makes sense? Thank you!


we appreciate that @Kman0207

We can certainly understand how it would make things easier in those situations