Expand Sit and Go Offerings

I would love to see higher buy in multi-table sit-and-go’s! If you say you are targeting casual players yet offer standard MTT’s with +$500 buy ins, why not offer something similar in sit and go format as well? Some of my ideas include:

27-man sit and go’s with buy ins above $11, including: $22, $33, $44, $55 (and so on)

more varieties of knockout sit and go’s

90 and 180-man sit and go’s just like it was back in the day

double and triple or nothing sit and go’s, where half or 33% of the field cashes evenly and the tourney ends when the players reach the money. Another of your competitors run these, and they run CONSTANTLY. It’s a great low-variance version of the sit and go.

on demand sit and go’s just like one of your competitors have. Starts when 9 players register and allow late reg and rebuys up to a certain level. Your competitor runs them only turbo-style. I would love to see 10 or 12 minute levels of this variety in addition to the turbo-style of 5-6 minute levels.

Come on Bovada, what do you think? You’ve shot down every single one of my other ideas. Ideas I didn’t just come up with, they are and were ideas your competitors are using and are very popular. Don’t shoot me down on this one, please! Poker players chime in please! I need your help here :slight_smile:

Hi @JohnnyBlaze, we appreciate your feedback and suggestions and this will be forwarded over to the appropriate team.

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