Export to Excel Option in Transactions

Ya all can you add a export to excel option so I know how much I won/ lost on what type of match and be better next time
Right now I have to do copy paste.
Only give it for Sports please, helps me to track bets.
Do not give to those Casino guys cos they will come back with how its rigged and all that stuff :stuck_out_tongue:

Think on it



We will look into the @HoopLinesStuck and to be honest I think the community could have more constructive discussions if we reference actual statistics rather than claims there of, so if it is an option in the future it would be open to all channels :slight_smile:


Is this actually being reviewed? This would be very useful

We can re-escalate this and see if it’s possible, though note that you can always request this from us on our end already.

Has there been any status update on this? And if not, what is the process for requesting betting transaction spreadsheets?

Welcome to the community @AvzPresents! You can submit a request to the moderators by clicking HERE.