EZ baccarat pretty please

Bovada called me today to check in. They asked if I had any thoughts or concerns. Like everyone else I don’t always trust online stuff. Specifically slots or electronic card games but I’d say that’s true with brick and mortar casinos too. One thing I would definitely like to see though… EZ baccarat!!

Ez baccarat is a version of the game that has side bets on panda 8 (player wins with 3 cards that add up to 8) and dragon 7 (banker wins with 3 cards that add up to 7) and bets on banker push when dragon hits. Even more specifically I think the rules we have at the land based card room where I play at are perfect for all types of players and skill levels with small bankroll. 5$ minimum bet on any one spot on the table. After that 1$ minimum on any other places you would like. Panda pays 25-1. Dragon pays 40-1. No commission on banker. Max bets I’m open to whatever. If bovada did this in the live casino I wouldn’t have to drive 35min each way to go give my money to a different casino. I also would join the affiliate program and be all star in no time since I know all the very high rollers in my area. The place I play has between 2 and 8 table fully loaded 24 hours a day 7 days a week. I play with guys who bet 450$ per hand all day long. Not even exaggerating a little… Think about it higher ups… And don’t forget about me if it ever happens…

Heck just me alone would have 140$ more dollars a day to give bovada a chance at.