Fix Craps Odds Bets

In your Craps game, the max bet you can make when taking your Pass Odds is three times the pass line bet. You should fix that so that your players are able to make correct odds bets, or at least pay out Pass Odds in increments less than $1.

For example, if I bet $1 on the pass line, I can bet up to $3 on my Pass Odds. The problem is if I were to have a point of 6 or 8 established i wont get a correct payout, because that payout is made at 6:5 and you wont let me bet more than $3 nor pay players $3.6 on that example $3 pass odds bet.

Get that max odds bet to be in line with a B&M casino. Allow bets up to 5× on a point of 6 or 8 and 4× on a point of 5 or 9. If you do the math those odds allow a correct payout (6:5 and 3:2, respectively).


I posted this a month ago and nobody at Bovada even has the decency to respond. What is the point of having a Suggestion sub when its never read or responded to? Glad i have two other sites i play on because your innovation is SO stale. No converting chip stacks to Big Blinds, no bomb pots… and the list goes on. Your competitors are finding new innovations to keep the game fresh and exciting… and bovada just does the same old thing.

This suggestion has now spent 2 months without an official response. What I’m asking for isn’t much. Even if I get rejected, it would be nice to get an official response. It’s hard to motivate people to suggest things to improve your site when you can’t even be bothered to respond. @moderators