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Hi everyone!

We’re excited to announce that we will be holding another AMA this Friday December 17th with NFL Legend Frank Gore! Frank Gore vs Deron Williams is happening this Saturday and he will be in the Community starting at 6pm ET on Friday to answers your questions about the fight, his epic NFL career or anything else the Community would like to know!

The sooner you can get your questions in the better, so we can ensure as many as possible get answered on Friday, so please post them below!


Hey Frank,

My nickname is Freak and I’m from Freaksforum

Thanks for taking the time to answer our questions.

I’m a big fan of yours going back to the U.

I want to toss you some facts that you may not know yourself.

In the 2005 draft you were chosen as the sixth overall RB in the draft as the first pick in the third round.

The five that were chosen before you were as follows:

#2 Ronnie Brown
#4 Cedric Benson
#5 Cadillac Williams
#44 J J Arrington
#54 Eric Shelton

During those five players careers as a collective during the regular season they had 4,056 rushing attempts for 15,848 yards.

Arrington had 370, Shelton had 23, Brown 5,391, Benson, 6,017 and Williams 4,047

Ronnie Brown played the longest amongst the five with 10 years.

Then there was the man called Frank Gore who played for 16 years. During those 16 years you out rushed the five chosen before you with 16,000 yards on only 3,735 attempts.

You did more with less and outlasted them all and never lost your competitive edge one bit.

My question to you is this:

In seeing you were drafted below these guys, did it give you extra motivation to prove they had it all wrong? I know 2005 was a long time ago but as an athlete and competitor you don’t forget how it all started and what got you there.

What was your driving force to excel at the high level you did for so many years in a position as demanding as a running back?

Good luck in your upcoming boxing match, I’m sure if you have that same tenacious effort you put into football, you’ll do quite well.

Great is the Truth!



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