Frank Gore - Ask Me Anything!

Hi everyone,

We are once again excited to announce that Frank Gore will be joining us in the Community on Friday February 4th at 5pm ET for our second AMA (Ask Me Anything).

As before, we’ll be taking questions before the date so that we can better organize and make sure as many as possible get answered. Feel free to post your questions below for the 5x Pro Bowler, NFL record holder for most games by a RB, and Career Rushing leader for the Conference Finalist San Francisco 49er’s!


Sup Frankie! I’ll shoot 1st in this 2nd round of questions. One would figure you must hold the unofficial record of being tackled. So my question is… Do you suffer from migraines or any other ailments due to undiagnosed ( I’ll assume) concussions over the years? If so, wats ur go to remedy? You burn tree? Thats my cure all. Im pretty sure it cures the covid cold too.



When people discuss HoF resumes for many of the recent QBs we hear a lot that " the league is a passing league npw. Its easy to accumulate stats for QBs in todays game"

We hear this as a way to dismiss guys like Eli Manning, Phillip Rivers, Matt Ryans HoF resumes

However if thats true ( and the league is a passing league now ) doesnt that make what you accomplished ( 16k yards , 3rd all time in rushing ) MORE impressive than what guys like Payton, Smith , Sanders, Dickerson did during a time when teams ran wayyyy more ?

If we are dismissing elite stats from QBs in todayz game because " its a passing league" why are you so often overlooked in the GOAT debate when you accrued your rushing stats in a pass first league ?


Hey Frank, I had a question regarding your really exciting boxing fight with Deron Williams that recently took place. How did you personally feel about/after the fight? Would you be open to boxing another athlete again? Also, what were some of the challenges with having to train for boxing compared to having to train for football?


Hello Mister Gore,
Thanks for the memories (and go Canes)!
Who’s the hardest hitter on defense you had to go against in your career?

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Hey Frank, who do you think is a better back at this point in their career, you or your son? And a follow up, who is the better Quarterback?


Hey Frank,

My nickname is Freak and I’m from Freaksforum

Thanks for taking the time to answer our questions.

I’m a big fan of yours going back to the U.

I want to toss you some facts that you may not know yourself.

In the 2005 draft you were chosen as the sixth overall RB in the draft as the first pick in the third round.

The five that were chosen before you were as follows:

#2 Ronnie Brown
#4 Cedric Benson
#5 Cadillac Williams
#44 J J Arrington
#54 Eric Shelton

During those five players careers as a collective during the regular season they had 4,056 rushing attempts for 15,848 yards.

Arrington had 370, Shelton had 23, Brown 5,391, Benson, 6,017 and Williams 4,047

Ronnie Brown played the longest amongst the five with 10 years.

Then there was the man called Frank Gore who played for 16 years. During those 16 years you out rushed the five chosen before you with 16,000 yards on only 3,735 attempts.

You did more with less and outlasted them all and never lost your competitive edge one bit.

My question to you is this:

In seeing you were drafted below these guys, did it give you extra motivation to prove they had it all wrong? I know 2005 was a long time ago but as an athlete and competitor you don’t forget how it all started and what got you there.

What was your driving force to excel at the high level you did for so many years in a position as demanding as a running back?

Good luck in your upcoming boxing match, I’m sure if you have that same tenacious effort you put into football, you’ll do quite well.

Great is the Truth!



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Hey Frank, you’ve played with some incredible teammates over the years, but if you could only pick one… who would you say has had the biggest impact on your career?

have you ever been asked to throw an nfl game or a play

Hey Frank,
You played for so long and at an elite level what was your secret to lasting that long at the running back position.Big fan U.

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Don’t want to assume, but I will anyway, that you played multiple sports as a kid growing up, was there a specific reason you chose football over all others?

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Frank, do you think retired professional athletes could do well as sports betting handicappers? They might have insight beyond the average person. Thank you.

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Hey Frank… Congrats on a Great career!! :clap:t2:
What is your future plans? Football or non football related…Thanks for responding…

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Hi Frank! What does it take to have a career as long as yours in the NFL, anything special you did to keep your body and mind in football shape???

Frank I watch your highlights all the time. You were just a different breed. Most durable running back in NFL history. Are the hurricanes on the right track for the first time in forever? I means jump from 70 to 19 recruiting in a couple of months speaks volumes in my opinion.

Do we get anything for submitting a question; like if our question is picked do we get a bonus?

Hello champ,

Did you have any weird pregame rituals?

Thanks, ABLEE1

As a 49er, what vibe did you get on game day going up against the Raiders? (Battle of the bay)

@FG- where u at bro?