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Hi All,

I want to THANK YOU for looking at my review page. If you have completed a transaction with me in the past or now the present, I ask that you leave a review of how our transaction went.

I know I’ve done a lot of multiple trades with members of the forum and it’s ok to come back and leave another review.

I continue to look forward to working with you in the future and that you find the advice, strategy and conversation we have beneficial.

Thanks again and good luck with your action!

:money_mouth_face: :money_mouth_face: :money_mouth_face:

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Carpe Diem


I don’t think reviews are even necessary for this guy. If you’ve been on forum/marketplace at all you know that his reputation speaks for itself. Probably the highest regarded trader on the site and the most consistent. No BS, just fast smooth transactions all day long.


The God of trades! Period!
Thank you for everything!


always hooks you up when you need it

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Can’t say enough good things about this guy! Always fast and easy transfer when you buy from him. I don’t even know him and feel like he’s a good friend, very cool and trustworthy guy!


I’ve purchased one voucher here at Bovada and it was from freaksforum.

I was and still am relatively new to the maketplace and didn’t understand how the process worked or what to do. Not only did he take the time to explain everything to me step by step he posted pictures showing where to go and how to do it. I was blown away by this.

If I buy anymore vouchers down the road, it will only be with him.

As a side bonus he has one hell of a nice forum to boot. It has helped me win with horses and sports.

Based on the prior comments, I am not alone with his superior service. Keep up the great job you do here freaksforum.


Awesome trader. Easy smooth transactions. Another thing I love about @freaksforum is that he’ll take the time out of his day to explain different topics you may have questions about on here. I view freaks as the grandfather to us all, lol!


He is not a hall of fame trader for no reason! Always a smooth and quick transactions with freaksforum. Also, this platform would not be the same without him!


Fast smooth transaction :spades::clubs::diamonds::headphones::sunglasses: thank you and can’t wait for more!!

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New to Bovada community and had great experience with this trader!! So great to communicate with!!


Always a great seller to trade with!! Response is quick & things are just super easy when buying from him! :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1:

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Many transactions with @freaksforum. Always fast and smooth trade. He also pm advice many times about different topics. Thank you. Highly recommend.

First time trader,excellent experience with Freaks.
Will look for him first if I need vouchers

Wouldn’t be right without a shout out to @freaksforum, likely the most reputable and quickest trader on the forum. Many dealings together and he’s ALWAYS been on Point, def deserves more than one nod! :money_mouth_face:

@freaksforum is #1 trader on Bovada IMO. Helpful first and foremost, quick and professorial. never had a problem. He’s always looked out and took the time to explain things to me when I’ve had a question. been a pleasure to trade with

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@freaksforum Quick, fast transaction and was always there when i needed one.

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I did a cashapp trade with him. It was quick and easy.

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@freaksforum fast and on point with vouchers. thumbs up

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I did one of my first voucher purchases with @freaksforum and he definitely took the nerves of being a newbie out of the situation. Fast transaction!

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@freaksforum is very easy to work with, and never had a single issue!!! Well done!!!

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