Functional cash out feature

If bovada wanted happier users on the sports book side of things create a functional cash out feature that actually works there is no reason why someone should get down to the last legs of parlays to have one team bust up the ticket and not be able to salvage something


This idea makes a lot of sense and honestly does not necessarily hurt the Book either if they go about it right .

Don’t see why they wouldn’t.

I’ll take a wild guess and assume you had warriors as a last leg???

Nope it was the Rockies dumbest pick ever especially with Gomber on the mound I knew better just being greedy that guy can’t beat a little league team RN

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I’m more so speaking up cause of yesterday I had the over at 8 for Brewers and cubs as my last leg on my parlays the bookmaker marked my parlays as losses in the 4th inning didn’t give me the tickets back until extra innings cause I kept spamming the email it was the jankiest maneuver ever no opportunity to cashout the parlay is in the other thread if you want to see how it went