Furious about this!

This is unacceptable

The game errors out and still takes my money

$49 and the error
$48 took dollar and still error


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It’s going on with Bodog too.
So, if Bovada is out i’m sure likewise for Bodog.
And maybe all offshore casinos eventually.

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I definitely agree :100: in every aspect of the situation I’m at level 3 myself and every other week it’s a problem. Just don’t make no sense

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Straight just took my money and errored out on 2 different games 3-4 times!!! and didn’t give it back :rage::rage::rage: I just deposited 200 dollars and I refuse to be stolen from like this.


Me too, June 1st my Coinbase account was closed by them for using bovada/ignition

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Been doing it to me also

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 I get you. I've been here 14 years, used to be Bodog. I'm in the Hall of Fame and get absolutely nothing for using the site. I used to get 2 weekly deposit bonuses, birthday money, the Promotions Department used to call me monthly, I used to get cash back rewards, 15% of all deposits and I would get reward points put into my account. ALL of that was taken away years ago. Now I have to basically beg an agent via chat to get any kind of bonus/rewards. I usually get $20 on over $600 in deposits, that's 3%. Horrible. 
 Customer service is abysmal at best. Agents don't understand/use English at all. Any time you write in, you get a scripted template response that addresses nothing you wrote in about. WHAT CASINO DOESN'T REWARD THEIR LONG TIME LOYAL PLAYERS? BOVADA is the only one in the world.
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Same here.

Oh my gosh the exact same thing happened to me! It was just about a month ago and I am a Hall of Fame member highest level and now they will not give me crap! That is unbelievable I’ve literally been playing for bovada for like 15 years. I’ve taken just a handful of withdrawals the entire time. It’s despicable!! So you can be a hosted member years and go on a vacation and get kicked out of the program because you haven’t made any deposits lately. So it’s totally about how much money you’ve given Bovada recently. I guess if this was a relationship they are the ultimate gold diggers. 15 years! High Six figures of deposits over that time. I got kicked to the back of the bus about a month ago and the first six or seven times I called for a regular cash bonus after losing all The money I deposited I was denied! It’s pathetic! So basically Bovada is not like most companies. They do not care about their really long-term customers that have been with them through everything AT ALL! We are trash to them if we are not depositing every day.

One would think if you’ve been making a lot of deposits on bovada over 10 years, or hell even five years, that the customer service would get better like the hosted team is vs. The regular customer service agents that literally would not give me a cash bonus to save my life on the first about six or seven deposits I made. It makes me sick man just thinking about this makes me sick all that money I’ve given them. And they discarded me like trash.



Curious what the compensation will be for this Bovada? Several thousand has now been lost because the slots take the money before the error.


That happen to me as well an error occur in the middle of my blackjack game and I was forced to play it. I was betting big! I got a 50 dollar comp. SMH

I still am getting interruptions - deposit and deposit and win nothing . Researching other casinos now. This is redicilous


9 days later same thing. i hate this site
dunno why I keep using it


So about a month ago I was playing slots it is $4 or $3 on the 10 times about 35 days ago maybe less actually. anyway I set my phone down to get some food and charge it for a minute. As fter 3 minutes I go back and then I come back and it’s spinning at $9 a spin and it had ripped off about90-100 spins for over $500 and just milked me. So, I am like a almost 6 or 7 million points over the pandemic last 2 years and I complain about this, and you can clearly see it’s not my betting pattern it ran off about a hundred spins at $9 a spin 1 to 2 seconds apart every single one of them and you can see how my spins are there like 3 seconds apart 5 seconds apart or 6 seconds apart sometimes 10 seconds apart but these were one and two seconds apart for 90 spins consecutive and took 500 off my thing in 2.8 min and I was not even betting nine dollars when I stopped. I was wondering is there or was anybody having problems when they’re having the hacking? Also, I complained about it and the guy basically just told me to screw off, and like did not care at all he basically called me a liar, even though I’ve never complained not even one time to them about something like this ever happening and it just took 500 and they were like "oh well, you did it.’ Ntm, I have lost 20,000 to 30,000 k in a single day in 2020 when I was going strong for a while. Now that a bet a little less it’s like screw u, or something,They never did anything even got back to me, he was just like ’ I don’t care’, it was freaking ridiculous and I’ve never, not once, complained about my money missing, or a glitch like that or something going on like that. So I’m just wondering if anybody else had any issues during that hacker thing

I have lost like 35,000 in one day and never complained about losing money I have 6 million points since 2019 to 2020 ish I started and I threatened to leave over to his 500 dollar glitch and I was hosted, red room, hof better up to then, and they were like good riddance and basically called me a liar when u could see 90 9 Dollar bets rattled off in 2.8 min and it was not my betting pattern almost all 90 9 Dollar bets were the exact domination of 2 sec apart to a tee. Never have I ever complained about lost money and he was like ’ you did it’ wtf