Game Review of the week; Craps

The selection game this week is a new type. Craps! It is one of the popular games at our tables. You can take a look here and leave your thoughts below.

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I found Craps to be the most intimidating to approach but is very exciting.

It take a while to understand all the bets and odds of the game, it really requires at least some practice to feel comfortable playing.

Love the game, wish we could play using a smaller denomination

This was my exact same thought going into ever playing craps. Luckily had a friend who showed me the basics and honestly it’s probably my favorite game to play now at a casino table. Granted I’m a somewhat risk averse person so I generally just play the pass line and watch the dice roll.

If you aren’t logged in you can play slots w fake money on here. Not sure about table games but you could give it a try