• Game Review of the week: Keno Draw!

Hey all, this week’s selected game is some players’ favorite game Keno Draw. You can play it HERE and leave a comment.


Horrid. Isn’t Keno know for horrible odds?

I’ve had some luck previously on keno, but it’s been kicking my ass the past month or so. The key is to not autopick, the top win is available with just 10 numbers selected, and even on a quarter bet choosing just eight numbers could net you 2500+ iirc.

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I tried it out. It is kinda like bingo, but for even older people.

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This thread was started 25 days ago. Maybe someone should close it? Not gonna call out names so how about a general call to any @moderators?

Players can still comment on it if they have played.

True, you got me there. I can’t see it becoming much of a Convo centerpiece, but what do I know, yeah?

It is ok, not a big fan though

Played a bit ago but hard to win

Keno is the s**t :rofl::rofl:

I find it hard that an actual random number generator is used because so often I’ll arrange my numbers and shapes and the generated numbers quite often outlined the numbers that I’ve picked. It very well could be random but there is a lot of skepticism on my behalf

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I enjoy it. Play it often

Kinda hard to understand when I. Played it but see the big payouts