Good bet for tonight

I need to win my bonus on three bets to cash out. Have it on Padres right now (1st bet). If that wins I need another bet for this evening. Anyone have any good bets to share? I am not a sports person and just usually Google looking for predictions.

I’d bet on the Phillies moneyline (meaning to win).
They have the better pitcher on the mound (their ace), they are playing very good baseball, and they’ve won 3 straight games on the road. Also, they are playing against a pitcher who has struggled this year. The Nationals also have the worst ERA in the Majors. I have very high confidence the Phillies win tonight.


Thank you so much. If this game is over in time. And wins. I will bet on the Phillies. Appreciate your help. Those all sound like great reasons for them to win. :crossed_fingers:.

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I have a fairly good record in sports because I do some research. Baseball is a strength for me so if I have time, I’d be more than happy to provide potential wins with high probability. Of course nothing is guaranteed but you generally want to bet where stats show that you will win more times than not :slight_smile: good luck getting through the playthrough!

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Sent PM :relaxed:

Warriors +145 ML


Looks like 2 down, 1 to go!

Jordan Poole over 11.5 points tonight’s

That seems too easy!!!


It’s even money, after looking at all the picks…. That one stood out the most to me. Squad ride !

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This was way too easy

Gonna be a long 2nd half I think lol

Nothing is this easy lol

Hopefully whatever was bothering Steph keeps his minutes down and Poole gets to play a lot of the 2nd half

LFG baby!!!

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I was really thinking he was going to stay at 11. Great bet man. Hope you laid the house on it!

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I bet all UNDERS on NBA Warriors vs Celtic… Looks like it is coming up OK

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I was feeling the same way.