Graded wrong again

Is anyone else getting tired of wagers getting graded incorrectly?? This is the 5th time in a month a wager is graded wrong and now have to spend time calling in to get fixed…

I’m getting tired of Bovada in its entirety tbh

This is such bs. It’s almost like they do it on purpose and hope you don’t catch it . It is simple elementary math to settle a wager correctly . Step up your game Bovada you guys are getting bad real bad . Where’s the accountability. Your Player Gurrantee claims issues like this will get fixed and you will have a solution to prevent this from happening again… But it happens over and over again a nothing is done an zero accountability. Sportsbook/casino/ poker platforms still having same problems as before and are actually worse now. i guess they don’t care and are getting ready for the day when Bovada. Lv goes missing along with all our account balances. Definetly coming .Wow way to be a reliable professional book!

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