Has anyone else had problems with the slots today?

I put in 2000$ played different games my highest bet was 10$ throughout the whole thing ? Any advice on winning the Jackpot. Im at my wits end.

You are likely going to lose your $2000 playing slots and be unhappy. You have little chance of hitting a jackpot. In all seriousness, I have hit many jackpots on Crystal Waters and Aztec Treasure. They are smaller but must be easier because I have hit probably 4 total in my life with these slots.


There’s no advice in winning a jackpot in my opinion. I haven’t hit one yet and I’ve been here since 2013 :slight_smile: and trust me, I’ve put in 10s of thousands of dollars into slots.
The best you can hope for is a winning session and possibly hit a jackpot somewhere in-between. I’ve seen people start with $20ish and hit a jackpot and others who play for hours and hours and finally hit a jackpot.

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Thanks for the insight I appreciate it.

I’m literally in the same exact situation. Usually if I get way down, I’ll eventually come back up. Not always to even but close enough to make it fun. I know these guys have to make money and in the long run I’m going to lose but it’s entertainment. The way it’s been this weekend though, in my experience is unbelievably one sided.

Has anyone thought That the casino games have been shitty and not paying anything after their upgrade or whatever they did. Anyone play Luckys Tavern because I feel like it’s been so bad no free spins offered no bonuses just lose lose lose


Only advice that I can give is that when you see that none of the slots are hitting or giving out bonuses, just log off and try again another day. I’ve learned that at some point in time during the day and night, that these slots just don’t pay out and continuing to play only kills your deposits. Like today, the slots are acting funny and also the spins stopping. It best to wait for a couple of days because Bovada is having issues all over place for the last two weeks. Save your time and money.

Lucky Tavern hasn’t given me a free spins in 2022 period. I kid you not. So some of these slots are definitely leachers and not worth playing anymore. Lucky Tavern and Buffalo Golden are two of the worse games ever when it comes to draining your bank account.


All the downtime has woke me up.
No sense in being stupid. I don’t mind losing fair and square but you gotta know something fishy about this.
Even the bonuses that they give you takes you straight to zero ENTIRELY TO FAST w/o ANY bonus spin.
It was fun while it lasted, Ive been a fool long enough.
Count me out.

I have been winning on all the slots I have been playing on today. I feel anything fishy happening…

Fishy like you waking up out of your dream…Is that all Bovada pay you to do…REPLIES? LOL You’re a funny guy.:joy:

yes i just did the new ming’s slot, 1$ spins , literally in 3 minutes 173$ gone not a single win above 3$, no free spins bonus rounds nothing . 173$ straight spins it’s honestly the worst i’ve ever seen it … They used to at least make it competitive before you lost your money this is just it lose every single spin

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it’s just getting so expensive , and it’s not entertaining it’s depressing because every time you play a slot you walk away like oh my God I just got completely reamed and it’s like every single time you play one though there’s no like cheering or clapping your hands you got a couple big wins preceded by some losses it’s just like almost just I end up being sad after spending money here because I didn’t even have any fun it was just a complete utter lost the entire time. And I used to have a really hard time like being able to not spend my money here because even if I lost it I could blame myself at the end of the night because I would go up so much and then go down go up go down now it’s like you don’t even wanna spend the money anymore because you’re just not gonna have fun and realize it’s going to ruin your mood… that’s why my deposits are wayyy down this month… If you lookI consistently deposit like about 6000 a month so far the past three weeks of deposit probably like $300… and to be honest it’s actually having such a positive fact cause I’m realizing how much money I have now makes me realize I don’t win any money in one I lose roasted but if you guys just made a little fun you guys could have it but you’re getting a little too big for your britches and taking too much where it’s your day swear are you guys really are going to see such a negative impact cause it’s OK I hope you got some really just make a change in loosen those lights back to how they were and you’re probably make 10x more asmuch

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This used to be fun every now and then. Now it’s become where I feel like Bovada is my 4th kid. Sign on to a hand out, give said hand 4-5 hundred bucks, walk away broke and feeling unloved. Boo-hoo. Y’all have gone from sucking a little, to swallowing everything. If not for that, you could call me salty… but y’all cornered that market and swallowed it too.

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Just did a quick $50 deposit this morning. Ended up playing $363, albeit back and forth off of small winnings, and only hit one set of free spins. Over 900 spins at 40 cents when you do the math, reels xl is extremely dry for me as of late.

I put $100 in walk away with 500-700 every single time. Just got to know how to stop. I only bet $2-5.

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Slots are designed to eat money, quickly. If you’re playing the slots for a desired outcome you will be disappointed nearly every time.

Play within your means and spin for the fun of it and you will always enjoy the fun.

On what slot

Reel xl, cleo, and cyberpunk

Slots have been freezing constantly lately. I have been with bovada 10 years and this past week has been very frustrating. Bovada always does something for players when these things go down and it looks like they dropped some points in my account because a game froze for me in the bonus round. I was seriously thinking of closing my acount but these types of things is why I have stayed here this long. Win or lose at least the CS shows that they care about there players happiness when it comes to there gameplay. Thanks for looking out for your players bovada.

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