Hot jackpots are up!

I had not noticed the Hourly Timer being at 00:00:00 and the Hourly jackpot being unclaimed. I believe @Ryan_Bovada was confirming something about this on another thread due to some misunderstanding with a CS rep. Good timing on the screenshot. The rules says the chance of winning is 100% by the time expires.

Yeah, definitely alot more so today, Cleo and Buffalo were both pretty laggy. I wasn’t sure if it was my connection, those Hot Drop Jackpot games specifically or a DDOS issue.

So clarification on the $2 rules. You are still able to hit all 3 jackpots with bets lower than $2. what the rule is entailing is that if you bet less than $2 all the funds will be split evenly amongst the 3. Any bet higher than $2, the first $2 will contribute to all 3 jackpots, and the remainder of the bet will only apply to the larger jackpot. In other words a $10 bet, only $2 is split between jackpots. The $8 remaining will all be applied to the prize jackpot.


The rule is more in line with where the bet amounts are going towards the pot.


Thank you for that clarification. That makes sense and honestly not sure what the best way to word that other than the full explanation you gave is, which I’m sure they didn’t feel they had room for.

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Thank you for the update. To clarify about bet amount, even though there isn’t a minimum, your chances are higher to hit any of the 3 JPs if you bet higher. Am I understanding that right?

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That is correct. So I take the rule above as well to essentially mean that the first $2 of any bet will be split evenly among the 3 jackpots, IE the most you can bet towards them is 66 cents.

Therefore if betting more than $2 all players have the same chance at hitting the daily and hourly as they are all just betting 66 cents towards those, whereas you have a larger chance at winning the prize jackpot.


This is great information to know. So people playing less than $2.00 don’t have a chance in these Hot jackpot games. These games seem to be for the high rollers…40 dollars a pull. I can’t afford to play that high. My highest bet is 2 bucks.

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Supposedly, someone won the super jackpot on golden buffalo worth like $250k on a .40 cent bet. Mods posted it on ignition. So I guess it’s possible.

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? That’s the exact opposite of Ryan’s post.

I mean it’s probably possible but very minimal chance. Here is the screenshot

For some reason I’m having a hard time believing it. I don’t know, call me crazy

Well I hope it’s got glitches that are going to be fixed soon or something because a couple of times I was playing and the timer was moving for the JP but the money for the jackpots stopped increasing. So I kept playing(losing) my bankroll because the time was almost out which means it has to hit. Then once the time ran out and I lost all my funds I backed out of the game and went back in and noticed the jackpot has already reset. So it basically made me play until the time ran out thinking It’s gonna have to hit but I’m actuality it already did hit so I was just wasting my time and money. Can a moderator tell me if this is a glitch or what’s happening?

This happened to me yesterday. I played a little today and it would intermittently freeze the amount (not the time) for 30 seconds to a minute or more than go back to increasing again. It finally showed me when someone hit the hourly. It took a full day, but at least that was finally working for me.

You sure about the $2 spin minimum for a jackpot? I was playing .20 cents a spin and got 2 crowns. But of course you need 3. Where did you see this rule?

Ryan has clarified the rule above.

Ok so the jackpot drops that recently released, there’s 3 different ones that are guaranteed by a certain times earlier I was playing and the daily jackpot at 52k got to 0:00 time expired to hit. Then 20 secs or so later it resets !
Am I trippin or isn’t is not supposed to hit 0:00?

When I was playing this one Tuesday I saw one of the Jackpot symbols when the hourly jackpot timer was almost expired. Then one or two spins later my game goes to a screen as though a tournament ended - (the screen that shows you your final ranking) but it never loaded completely then looped into a refresh back to by game that reloaded and set me back to the default $2 bet. I thought… dang was I supposed to win and it just glitched???

I have yet to see anyone win… bc it says all players will be notified when someone wins a jackpot. I haven’t seen any name mentioned in the Jackpots banner/widget thing at the top of the game.

Did you hit one of the jackpots? I saw you had a nice hit, congrats, @Cassieb04 !!

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Nope, it was a GLORIOUS day on Reels and Wheels XL! Bout time she paid me back some of what I’ve put into her.