How many confirmations needed for withdrawal?

I made a Bitcoin deposit 2 hours ago. It now has 8 confirmation (or that’s what Blockchain explorer says) and I thought you only needed 6 confirmations.

I believe its 12

You only need 6. Reach out to moderators

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Sorry, I read the question wrong. You need 12 confirmations on your BTC deposit before withdrawing. So if you deposit, then quickly hit something big enough where you want to withdraw, you still have to wait for 12 confirmations on that initial deposit.

You only need 6. End of convo

Change the details of the topic and the answers changes but it begins at a basic 6 if they don’t hate you

Bitcoin 1 confirmation for funds to show up in your account and be available for wagering.

Bitcoin 6 confirmations before you can withdraw your funds.

Pro Tip:
Use ETH (Ethereum) for deposits. Yes you need 12 confirmations before your funds are available for wagering or withdrawal but 1 ETH confirmation takes about 20-30 seconds.

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