I’m impressed Bovada

Over the last couple years me and Bovada have had our differences. Me enjoying soccer betting this is hands down the best interface/most offers available live in that area so it’s a no brainer book for that, even during the times I wanted to leave.

Anyway the main reason for this post was payout speed. Full (4 figure) withdraw processed and in my bitcoin wallet in less than an hour. Wow, never in my wildest dreams would I see that coming from past transactions.

Kudos :beers:

Let’s not slow the next one down now :wink:


Yes, kudos where they are due. My last couple of Bitcoin payouts here at Bovada and their sister site(Ignition) have been within hours. :+1:


I’m sure the price of btc has something to do with it.

I agree. Bovada has the best interface for sports and the number of events you can bet on is excellent.

Maybe the upped their game and are sending BTC payments out in a timely fashion now?

There really is no excuse for any online book not to send within hours, it literally takes seconds to send a payment.

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Yea my last couple withdrawals from bovada were within an hour of cashing out so I agree! Kudos to Bovada for speeding that process up to what it should be!


I’ve never had issues with the speed of withdrawals from Bovada. They are super fast in payouts. The issue I have is having any money to withdraw…


Are you guys talking about after the 72 hour processing or You requested the withdrawal and they sent it hours after that?

After you request, it takes a few hours but once it has been processed, it’s a matter of minutes until it hits your bitcoin wallet.
I prefer selling vouchers in the marketplace as it’s quick and easy.