If a MLB gets rained out

Hello, I had a Live bet on an MLB team and it got rained out. They were the home team and didn’t bat in the bottom of 8th or 9th. At first, game was listed/graded as PUSH and I was credited the bet back, but then 30 minutes later it was marked as LOSS. I went to two different score sites and both say they didn’t finish 8th or 9th inning. If it was a pre game bet I could understand those rules are different and bet is official after 5th inning.
The #1 rule for MLB Live betting says.

Baseball Live Betting Rules

  1. If a game is called because of weather or stadium malfunctions, all pending propositions will be graded ‘No Action’.

Am I wrong that my bet should have pushed. The game was Sep 10th Detroit Tigers vs. Kansas City Royals and I had Kansas City.

Any help would be appreciated.

That rule is only for prop bets, those being specified on subsequent rules. If this was a moneyline ultimately these bets still do default to the same moneyline rules as pre game bets since there’s nothing specific on the live betting rules.

Thanks for the response. Will be good to know for sure going forward, as I enjoy the live betting.