Incorrect payout on Mystic Wolf

I have tried to contact Bovada multiple times regarding an incorrect payout on their slots. No one is answering me and I’m getting frustrated. I am posting a picture of the incorrect payout below for everyone to see. I was betting $2.50 a spin… keep in mind the black jumping wolves are wild 5x multipliers. I was paid $20.50… anyone who understands slots knows this should pay far more than $20.50 with the multipliers. By my calculations, it should pay $196.25. The customer service around here is a joke. I’ve been around slot machines 20 years and have never seen anything like this happen. I understand mistakes can be made, but why am I being ignored??

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Can you please provide the date and time of this spin preferably in ET? Note that while you bet $2.50 the payout is determined by the specific line and would therefore usually be much less than based on this amount. For instance, if you bet $2.50 on 25 lines, the payout would only be multiplied by 10 cents.

The spin was on 9/3/21 at 11:41pm PST. And here’s a breakdown of how I should have been paid:

Line 16 J J 5x 5x = $18.75
Line 19 10 5x 5x = $6.25
Line 22 J 5x 5x = $8.75
Line 24 W 5x 5x = $31.25
Line 39 10 5x 5x 5x = $31.25
Line 41 10 5x 5x = $6.25
Line 42 J 5x 5x 5x = $93.75
Total = $196.25

Each line should be multiplied by $.05 since I was playing 50 lines at $2.50 a spin

I think I know what goes on here and was also confused at some of the payouts of this game. There were times I had 2 wild symbols connecting and my thought was it should pay x5 x5 so basically x25 but this isn’t the case. It only pays the first wild x5 and the 2nd wild only acts as a wild without a multiplier.
Mods, please look into this because as a slot player, we would expect the wilds to multiply each time it’s there but instead it only multiplies the first one if there are multiple wilds.


I see the miscommunication/error here, as these wild wolves do not multiply the line by each wolf, but only once. In other words, for each line your amounts are exactly 5 or 25 times larger than what they should have actually paid. For instance line 16, was 4 J’s with 2 wolves, but this is only 4 J’s X 5 X .05 and not 4 J’s X 5 X 5 X .05.

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I just saw the note here but what @Kman0207 said was basically accurate as well.

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I can definitely get the wording looked at here but this is the way the game is intended to work according to it’s RTP. That being said, it’s obviously something to clarify in the rules and I get the confusion for sure.

The only description is the rules regarding the wilds is, “The Running Wolf symbol is wild and has a 5X payout during normal play.” Nowhere do the rules state an exception for multiple wilds.

That is correct and I do understand why some players would assume this means it stacks, but technically there isn’t anywhere that it states that each wolf multiplies by 5 either. It only states 5X which is what has happened in the payout. Again, I will aim to have this looked at and hopefully clarified in the actual rules, but there isn’t actually any issue with this payout.

The wording in the official rules is sketchy at best. If this was the game’s intended design so be it, but the wording needs to be made clear. As for me, I’ll be playing slots elsewhere where the payouts are clearly understood. I appreciate everyone’s help today.

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