Incorrectly processed/completed wager

Hello all,

I recently meant to place a $3700 wager on Cameron Norrie ML, but right at the second that I clicked “place bets” the line got closed and the wager became unavailable. However, the wager still ended up completing, but I received a weird message instead of the usual “bets successfully placed.” I received a message that stated “the selection you have made is not available” and a “a system error has occurred message.” Based on this information, the wager was completed incorrectly/erroneously which would go against the bovada general betting rule #10. I spoke to a CS agent and subsequently a supervisor who both refused to void this bet, saying that this message could be shown due to poor internet connection on my end??? Unfortunately I was unable to cash out the wager because I never had an option to, so I would like to report this here and have it voided as it clearly goes against the betting rules of the site.

@moderators check this out, this bet should be 100% voided due to your rules

Hi @gerardoperez,

This was addressed by the Supervisor who reported that the wager stands as is. This decision was made based using this rule of the live betting rules:

5. The user is liable for all bets submitted accidentally or erroneously.

Whilst we understand your frustration this decision can’t be overridden and is something that we would have to abide by.

Just to note, the supervisor also claimed that the reason it couldn’t be voided is because I meant to place the bet lol which has nothing to do with the rule

That rule is on wagers SUBMITTED accidentally or erroneously by me - which means me placing a bet by mistake. The rule I am referring to is a wager being COMPLETED incorrectly/erroneously which is what occurred here and shall be deemed invalid. It is bovada general betting rule #10

  1. A bet shall be deemed invalid when:
  • It is submitted later than the deadline.
  • It is completed erroneously or incorrectly.
  • It is a bet on an obvious line error.
  • It isn’t accepted by the transaction server for some reason.
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I did not submit a bet accidentally or erroneously, your system completed the bet incorrectly/erroneously. That is a huge difference

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Just as I as a user am liable for all bets submitted incorrectly on my end, you all are liable for the COMPLETION of incorrect wagers. A wager completing while the selection was not available is 100% an error and shouldn’t be deemed valid

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Once the bet goes through, it cannot be voided. Don’t waste much time on this.