Issue with SMS Code -

Hi everyone,

We have been notified that there are reports about players not receiving the SMS code when requesting a withdrawal.

As a result, as we try to make sure all marketplace transactions run as smoothly as possible for buyers and sellers; we’ll pause all Marketplace posts until resolved.

This issue has been escalated and our Technical Team are working to have this issue resolved as soon as possible.

Once we have further updates, we will circle back here and update this topic.

We’re sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused and we thank you for your feedback.

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… and with Matchpay offers non-existent, that’s a big oof.

So I’ve been with bovada for years with the same number, I withdrew a couple days ago with no issues and now this morning I’m not receiving the texts anymore. Any ideas? Apparently nobody works here because I’ve tried for an hour to get a live person and nobody is ever available.

So there could be people selling?? Really hate using my Bitcoin on Fridays…

Its possible as we don’t know the exact root cause of the issue right now and it isn’t affecting everyone as a whole. But we’ll be holding off on any marketplace posts until we have more info

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Funnily enough I did a request at 8am and just now at 11:40am got my code.

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Thank you for your patience. The SMS issue should be resolved now but you will be receiving the old messages you requested during the issue. Please wait until all previous messages are received, and then try and request another SMS verification code, but please be sure not to enter one you received previously.

Hey Matty,

I requested earlier in the day (8 AM), did not receive the message. Then I requested again right around 11:30 and hit the “resend code” button like 3 times. I received 3 codes at 11:29 and entered the last one and it said “I only had one more attempt to enter the right code”

You said the issue was resolved, correct? So if I try and request a withdrawal now, I should get the code immediately and use that one, correct? I don’t want to get locked out.


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Yes, if you received all the previous codes already then you should be all set to request a new one now and enter that one.

Thank you! I will attempt it now. Appreciate the quick response and resolution on the issue!

Still not receiving a text code

Same…just requested and have been waiting ~2 minutes and nothing so far. @matty, can you please confirm this is resolved.

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We’ll check back in with our team

update: I just received a text with the code from a different number. I had already cancelled my request, so I will not use that code. So @Matty, would you suggest trying the withdrawal again?

Yes, the number change can be expected. It looks like the issue should be resolved but the delay in receiving codes are still possible

I requested the withdrawal and let it hang there for about 5 minutes until I got the code then I entered it and all went through. Thanks for all the help @Matty

@matty, I tried to withdraw and I am still
Not getting the messages.

How long did you request it?

Oh lovely…kids gone…other half gone. Perfect time to play poker…and now can’t deposit. I guess I could use my card, but try to avoid that!