July Spins Leader Contest

Hey everyone, the spins are likely to be issued by end of week, hopefully in the next 2 days. This is part of our Anniversary event!

This will essentially follow the same rules as previous months The difference being spins will be 10 Free Spins on Fast And Sexy at 20 cents a piece and the deadline to post will be 11:59p ET or end of July 31st. (This can be moved if the spins don’t arrive on time)

Remember again that the wins from the spins are only one part, as the top 10 will also receive leaderboard points which will be paid out next week likely on the 1st! We do require you to post your winning screenshot of the actual spins or your transaction on this thread in order to be eligible for the leaderboard!


Hi everyone,

Just to provide a little more information on how this will work exactly, those who opted in will see this bonus in their account likely Today or Tomorrow:

1) Select ‘Claim’ and then Confirm

2) Open Fast and Sexy and use the Free Spins (There will only be 10, as this was for testing):

3) Once the spins are completed take a screenshot of winnings from the Freespins and share them here (try and take the screenshot as soon as possible as the screen doesn’t stay long):

4) If you can’t take a screenshot in time, we will accept this summary in your transactions (but please be sure not to post any personal balance info)

(Just as a note this is all done in a testing environment and none of the numbers shown for my account are onsite)


Sweet will keep an eye out for the spins. Also could you possible post a list of the people that opted in for the free spins? May help elevate you from getting asked a thousand times from people if they are going get them or not. Thanks!

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How do I opt I ?

Unfortunately the deadline has passed for this month. Keep an eye out for next months spins.

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This community idea is awesome glad support informed me about it.


Hey riot what are you playing today?

Justncredible allenstoudemire1979 nathan970 Crystalgirly SnakeJinn
DudeInBlue hanniepena Pollycoons fenix117 Mholt85
TanMan123 tattoo Hunglo187 stakkedoff Kailuamoku
gasp777 Chopp33 Soccerjunkie23 Kevnarok Rashell21
stewpedaso Tackett86 mrtakens Packerbacker4life cg103075
johnl57 Rockst92 Julie937 Jczepeda95 JaneLA
Yousef gioc123 Kjc619 Bwfairbank Mblakely1
Kimluna jayla93 RusteZZ Naazin88 chicoraro78
Redwood Sunkissed Phuong Geeraard blurby
jcp_123 Nowhere storyboard Evinplaysgolf graber8507
Kman0207 Clearbrook31 CityOfChamps813 brinduse king0321
Msw_123 Sefam1 rs9565 Trenthanson benbray111
Caligod Jbridges1911 Chieftain Waxmode Manny2020
danfont 1Life2Live Tvil71969 Nephew99 monaseraji
cartermatic Trojans1023 Brando226 End1977 Mgonzalez89
StndrDeviant Tjack22 Matej0213 Cbears312 Jokerswild
Nvious Jrlkwd89 paarthchopra Dompee ATC727
Camelwak1257 dnguyen55 Finalpuzzlesolver Phinsallday bdbgolf24
smj7500 Jgabzz tpatton2915 Legend407 Beyonce
Thomassnaith aznluck Splash320 Sports685 Allwins858
DillDaBoss Samura bkrebs07 Ruckerma Graperolla
gmillia evanjlemaster Parlayed beck0739 bunzr22
Haru_123 Cooldogsmooth23 Charchar33 Scarlet87 Beast23
mvanover574 Gata13 wootieput ZacharyL bushswtp69
Villageperson14101 aneeshn Lemoten DanGottwald GSH1120
maniacsell dtjohnson32 crwilliams1906 Duckfan32 Trpfvr
RAJESH1807 lindsaym727 NocapLlamo Fumblez Yabuddddy
brian_123 BadaBing19 TEMPUS Chasechg Stretch0678
cattycathy DMANN71 T8562005 AntasSantas Leandre
Sh71_123 songalwongal G3MINITWIN Lancelot24 GreenMMG
Shearwall KyleTX Leet8993 moonshot21 Jvvvvvv
Earthlingsd csteezy85 Babylove143 Cassieb04 isajulrah
Isyuzzi DreCapone_11 Mmackin215 Hotboybeezy RyanBacha
Mwalk_123 Jdayumustpay BruceHenson Chuckism Amish97
Gators13 Tealtonetexan Bleezy89 jpalmburg Hailey425ng
jwrobel21 bobby343 MrLedesma831 graffitiRytr Casey68
Damason74 BTONN7 Nikki8910 poh1234 Flguy86
Stacim058 Killadre90 aommmm bashamjt robbyx
Sstay_123 snakejah82 Thejoeyb Heartlesss PizzaPapi
BrettB Seelo96 DJSWAGGYYYC Yell0wscorp1on Dfc1893
Lsmcm368 Junthao Mandajo89 jmccoombs shanejr80
juicin999 Tpett187 11kathy Dom129 TIgggs
Clutch Mamabear Hrachos6 bighen BuddyMan23
PaulSimon Lala408 PocketDropper69 Dannyb9966 lensmachamp
scuba_123 BTwiceMoney JayTizzle PutterInTheBuck NoLimit207
Primetime1 leslie100 alpha1red Juancho45 Damian4776
Mvpeat33 Nguyen_henry95 SiriusCasino Shanefrum shacro9
AVHENDU Shoto101 xfade9k Jaxy710 OleGreg
freaksforum AQN666 Rajachebbi2014 Mattm4434 jewell36
Flako661 Swinner777 turfdoggg LiLMaMa410 huntpesos
Jj2_123 KatMye91 littlej90 Jovanny005 Jaguar
Califarmer Treybyrd1 Lew2424 ChClark3 bballa247
Sfl0001 yossandoval98 Tmoney510 Quantyree Amcham2424
Vikings123 tveterbrandi glangs Rloverst85 Nene209
Yttrium EthanJay Malcantar12 Pmohapat dapianna
CaptMas 4004dave Monterey MFDolan15 mhku32
nicalanow Boyer73 Kara77127 Emoneybagggz Drwhiteshoes
Littlejon3 Ecandyou Gerber27 alwayswannawunna mart1745
Slim_123 Tuggerz123 Bgallahue10 Jajaoly Dollface
Beanman23 jalewin Shantae Antpdoe Yoshi85
Redraider265 Ches777 Belcher02 Fizzle82 Kyhiguy45
Nickyjumpshot Moneymel916 Tamara24 Mace32 joemex
Cesar96 Bralynr pjd410 Mike20 trnthomp5
peterpark4 vanessajune92 Jdanesky hechild averagejoe
Jeremy2 Bwash3787 Slumnectarxci kc_chuck jayreid
Acmellow Faye2faye09 nah123 HennyV SmallBankHank
GDC123 rbenitez69 EddyJallDAY Nkam84 Jgarguilo
goheels202 Karensh1207 Locksmith04 Riot782 49ersgoat
Felix_123 ogcaleb98 tastyarticfox Jgonzalez008 SpeedFreek
Jacksonkayla00 Machine420 Tuxy30 Luckyu Steve1110
selwonc711 rdrifterx Ccarroll203 setthraluvBV Mcruz412
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Godlikess Stonecoldbi Dexterb23 nrunkel dreweng4
FluLikeSymptoms Haythemk alecfeldman11 Christiotto9 rickygquick
TabbySmash Community1 Clamsta93 Roguetraderla MissCat
pietro27 Waxtalk88 iSMATiC90 Mikearnaldo ShizzyBibbler
Elalacran96 Aldrach9 vibe88 Adaily179 Cj386er
Tibor_123 Chaz123 Fireproof78 Dillypop Mnosam08
Ndirish620 Jakesbirthday lightz2002 Joseon Marlinah22
Rmilia1 GrembiGejsa insun6538 pilar1589 Chifanjc9
Aaroneball7 Cabaldwin3 Wescoin BigTimmy17 MasterLocks69
I3e4ns alpinechap SF2220ATL Sammie647 Jovann
Tim9272000 mikeytommy pipewhisperer ajklein0100 rpunchin
Headsterx Scottjones8595 Susie0305 CLew21 9dfd9c8ce6dcf8dc2d63
Sweethustler Lunytoonz Swbarnes03 Antaylor94 Eagles54492727
CARSENAULT74 Stevenfowler1949 Schuesslerm0220 dtx1234 lisaflores0101
Busterboi frofrodog Mbruhin21 thehabes314 Kalanimay
BingoStarr Thaddy evange Droog915420 Jrjay93
Cbassett94 Jharmon111 Kylerdacreator Imler27 Peter22
Tanknkaya Kingfishtr vchaz180 Vixx44 mitchdthompson
WaySheGoes MGMJR3312 litewerk ezben90 Joeycord
FloppnThNutz MAJ321 NeverSplit10s GamblinGoose JohnnyBlaze
sprocketdog Tprice4132 Stunner808 Brendonarriola Desertfalcon

That’s not the full list is it, cause I know I opted in, just check the poll and I see myself on there.

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You are on the list, just control f.

Lol :joy: I see me now. My bad. Thanks :+1:

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Bummer spins ended already

I thought I was on list too

I’m on the list and haven’t gotten spins…

Never mind i. Found my name

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Hey, they said it will be either today or tomorrow, probably tomorrow.


where are the competetions at

we should have weekly something?

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Sweet i made the list

So expect the spins with in 24 hrs then contact mod?

I opted in but don’t see my name on the list