June 11th Freeroll Password and Details

Hi everyone,

The Tournament is available HERE and registration is open.

Password: BVCFR5

Good Luck!


@Matty_Bovada What’s the initial prize pool? Thanks

Look at the tournament when you register. The percentages are located there.

Hi @Brando226 Yeah, I understand the percentages are there…but percentage of what? Like normally we have a $2500 free roll…So first place would pay “X” percentage of $2500. This game isn’t showing the Free Roll dollar amount, only that it is free and Re-entry is allowed for $1 for the first 30 minutes.

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Gotcha. I guess I just figured it was totaled by the entry fee (since it’s free and bovada is tight these days) and how many people are enrolled.

For reference I finished 6th in April and received 41 bucks. Also, don’t quote me here but I don’t believe you can buy in again 30 minutes after it starts due to it being a community event.

@Brando226 Yea…No Re-entry or Registration after 30 minutes. Last Time I looked there was a little over 100 people entered. I haven’t played any of Bovada’s poker games in a while…I play over at the sister site poker tables. They have 3 free rolls each week.
I also enjoy playing in one of the $10 lucky seven’s games…usually alot of people and it’s fun…but last hours if your doing good.

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Sweet is it ignition? I didn’t realize they had 3 free rolls each week. I would enjoy that. Have to check it out. Good luck tonight!

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Yeah…They have a Freeroll on Tuesdays, one on Thursday, and one on Sunday.


So what is the payout ?? Lol

I don’t know. I asked the @moderators a few hours ago, but I haven’t gotten a response yet.

I forgot how much I hate how the clocks are never right in rebuy tourneys. Would have shoved a few more times before the cutoff, but you never really no when it will end because it jumps 2 minutes ahead sometimes. This time ended 32 minutes in.

Oof. Just lost a 17k pot to 190 when their 77 > my AA preflop all-in. I hope they win it all now.

Just got knocked out just before break
I had AK suited and other guy had A4 off and he hits a 4 and wins lol… Crazy

Ended up 12th, made a bad call that cost me a big piece of my stack.

Finally a 1st place


@moderators Where is this tournament? I clicked the link you provided and it’s not there.

Now I see someone claiming to have won it.

You seriously didn’t announce the tournament with just a few hours notice. Please tell me I’m misunderstanding something.

How can I register for this tournament? I’ve been anticipating it for weeks.


@StndrDeviant its already over, started 4pm PDT

Yeah I had no idea too


Correct me if I’m wrong @moderators but it seems like the first and only notification of the June freeroll was 8 hours before the start of the tournament today.

Not sure what’s going on lately but it seems like most communication for the 10 year anniversary contests have given community members very short notice.

I don’t even recall an updated yearly leaderboard after the 2nd month.

Really disappointing that along with all of the site issues, the usual good service of the moderator team has seemed to slip a bit too.

Please correct me if I’ve misspoken in any of the above points.