June 11th Freeroll Password and Details

I have a correction. An email notification of this tournament from Matty is timestamped 11:24 a.m. EDT, so if the tournament was played at 4 p.m. that’s only 4 1/2 hours notice. We wait all month for this and then they spring it on us with NO notice? (FYI moderators: 4 1/2 hours is NOT notice. Most of us don’t live on this community board or check our emails every hour of the day.)


All the bull&&&&& going on and you guys post 8 hrs prior same day no warning I’ve missed every one. I certainly didn’t think I’d have to check every morning for it. I feel those that missedshoukf be compensated a ticket or something


What did first place win anyway??

I finished 30th and took home 6 buckaroos. I’m guessing 50 or 60. I also had to do a double take when I saw the tournament was today. I thought that was odd. Typically we wait for two weeks for the poker tournament, a week for the sports competition and 76 days for .20 cent spins.

Sounds like culusion maybe it certain people new ahead of time

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Maybe collusion. Probably not. But definitely incompetence on the part of Bovada.

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13th. same happened with me :rofl:

congrats you might have been who got me because it was a big stack

$128.25 second got 94

Nice!!! That’s awesome! Congrats!

What? This was just posted, how is it possible for it to be finished?


I saw it this morning 6 hours before it started. I didn’t like how it was playing at 4pm my time pst this time. Last time 12pm was better. I got to the first break with 3800 then had to let it ride out by itself after that… there was 56 people left after break and I got between 32-24th place.

Very nice 8 hours heads up.

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I am really suprised maybe I missed it but I don’t think there has been an apology left anywhere for the short notice on the tournament. wait weeks for spins to gain a whole 30 cents. Why would anyone expect a less than 24 hour wait after notice for a tournament to start. I missed everyone and was specifically watching for this one. Is the shop closing?


Lmao…yall can’t be serious right now. What was there 20 people in the tournament because nobody knew about it. Thats wild.

There was 259 or 269 entrants I think. But kind of silly for an 8 hour notice with 20 days left in the month. Like 580 hours left to use in the month…


Nah there were well over 240 people, it paid out top 54. Still doesn’t excuse the short notice they gave.

@Matty_Bovada I’m still waiting to hear an apology and some explanation why you felt it was OK to wait to announce this MONTHLY tournament the same morning it was held. Don’t you have a schedule? Is it that hard to look at a calendar and actually schedule these things. And announce IN ADVANCE when they’ll be? Why the sneak attack? I imagine one of the reasons for doing all this is to generate good will toward Bovada and make us feel all warm and fuzzy about you. Instead, your actions PISS ME OFF and obviously quite a few others. In the future, how about actually PLANNING ahead and announce in advance? Why not plan them the rest of the year and announce the schedule so we can makes plans. If you want flexibility in deciding the starting times, that’s fine. At least announce the days so we’ll know when to look for them. And there’s no reason you can’t decide on the starting times days in advance and publish that too. It would be nice if freeroll tournaments made players feel good about Bovada instead of being pissed off. I understand DDoS attacks have messed with your site terribly the past month, and I don’t fault Bovada for delays in running things like the spin tournament. But DDoS attacks didn’t make you unable to plan ahead and communicate with your community. This was a big failure.


I thought I was the only one caught off guard. I just happened to swing by comm.bov on a Saturday morning to see that there was a freeroll in a few hours.

Good job, good effort.

How about telling one of those Panamanian phone operators to give me(and everyone else) a call with a good poker deposit bonus to get those games rolling again. No rec player who had there money disappear for days will come back without something huge to entice them. Also, move into the current century and just put it in our account instead of a phone call, but considering the poker software was better 15 years ago, being tech forward likely won’t happen.

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it’s extra irritating when I check these community boards almost every day, and this week I’m sure I checked them at least once per day, usually multiple times. And so when I check and discover that since the previous day’s check-in, they announced AND ran the damn thing. :roll_eyes: It’s as if they don’t want too many of us to play. And thus this regular pretty much stops caring about this stupid 10th anniversary contest. We’re halfway through the year, and when I’ve missed so many contests thus far, why bother?

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