June Spins Leader Contest!

Hey everyone, the spins are likely to be issued today or tomorrow.

This will essentially follow the same rules as previous months The difference being spins will be 10 Free Spins on CyberPunk City at 20 cents a piece and the deadline to post will be end of July 1st. (This can be moved if the spins don’t arrive on time)

Remember again that the wins from the spins are only one part, as the top 10 will also receive leaderboard points which will be paid out that this weekend likely on Sunday! We do require you to post your winning screenshot of the actual spins or your transaction on this thread in order to be eligible for the leaderboard!


Hi everyone,

Just to provide a little more information on how this will work exactly, those who opted in will see this bonus in their account likely Today or Tomorrow:

1) Select ‘Claim’ and then Confirm

2) Open CyberPunk City and use the Free Spins:

3) Once the spins are completed take a screenshot of winnings from the Freespins and share them here (try and take the screenshot as soon as possible as the screen doesn’t stay long):

4) If you can’t take a screenshot in time, we will accept this summary in your transactions (but please be sure not to post any personal balance info)

(Just as a note this is all done in a testing environment and none of the numbers shown for my account are onsite)


I win.


I won $0.00

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.15 cents

Can i buy a bazooka joe with this?


And the total is $0.00

I like my chances


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.40 cents

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Lol where’s your official screenshot? :laughing:

Woohoo!! I’m a winner lol


El Capitan!

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