June Spins Leader Contest!

I’m clearing this post. Don’t seem to be able to delete it.

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I opted in but never received my spins.
@moderators can I get some help?

Unfortunately we don’t have you listed as having clicked ‘opt in’

I had clicked opt in the day after the post was available.

everyone that clicked opt in is listed here

ok ok

I never got my free spins

Unfortunately you never opted in for them

@Caligod hasn’t posted yet. He’s 1st or 2nd every month so slot everyone down 1

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Hopefully Caligod has had his run and will let some new players feed at the trough for a change!

I didn’t win nothing on the spins this month :joy:

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Oh… :cry: We are all so disappointed! I guess the rest of us will just have to win something for a change. :grin:

Bounce back next month :joy:


I remember opting in on that post