June Spins Opt In List


This is where you can opt in to receive some free spins for the June leaderboard competition! This Closes Saturday at 9:30p ET!

Opt In List
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One small change this month, though I don’t foresee it being an issue is that we have instituted a 500 player cap going forward. If we near the 500 mark this will be closed somewhat early, though this hasn’t happened in the past as of yet.


In other words, get in early!


Opt me in!

Remember to actually click the opt in poll button above, commenting on the post won’t actually enroll you.


I’m in :money_mouth_face: :money_mouth_face: :money_mouth_face:

I voted.

Doesn’t show that I’m in.

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I see you as enrolled, just click the drop down arrow where the votes are shown!

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Yes it does. Every player opted in is displayed. I saw your icon.

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Thanks. Wasn’t showing on my Screen

There is a little down arrow you may have to click multiple times to expand the display to show everybody. These icon displays always work that way; it just shows a few lines initially, and you have to expand it yourself to show everyone.


I am in please!

Let’s go first time I’ve ever been able to opt in :slight_smile:


anybody know when we actually get the spins?

We’ll aim to have them issued prior to end of June. Last month with the issues they were delayed a bit into the following month.


@Ryan_Bovada thwnk you sir, im still waiting on the may ones, could you take a look into that if you did indeed issue them

was during all the madness of the ddos attacks so possible it was missed

I’m afraid you don’t appear on the Opt list for the May spins.

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Cna you check me please?