June Spins Opt In List

Ryan…I need a at home job with bovada

OK it was my first time trying to opt it so I much of not did it correctly thanks for checking

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Not sure if I opted in right??

Yes you are opted in!

You are enrolled as well!

Can you see if I was able to get in?

Yes you’re in!



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Are they coming in June? We have 10 days left in the month! :joy:


Opt in please

No clue how this works first time opting in can anyone please help

First time doing this. I select the “opt in” but I’m not seeing my profile on the list

Nvm… I see it now😅

Opted in!!! :crossed_fingers:t2:

Whoop whoop ! I’m in !

@storyboard @Destiny777

I’m in for the big win’s bloom in June lets go!

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opted in :grinning:

I’d like to opt in

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No sweat, just click the opt button on the first post!

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