Just had my bets canceled for two winning bets

What is integrity concerns? I bet two bets on live wager and they were canceled it said because integrity concerns. I bet what was on line for the live wager. Can Somebody help me with this?

Integrity concerns is basically when a game is thought to be fixed or influenced in some way.
If this is found to be the case then all wagers will be void.

How is that my problem? I bet whatever the live wager was. Its not my fault. I bet what was on the board.


And they void this two hours after the game is over?

Yes it would be possible if some information is received regarding any cheating etc.

I have never had this happen before. Once you make a bet I thought all bets are final. Why would this have to do with me and the bets I placed. Its not like they were for thousands of dollars. it was only for like $30 and $40

So bizarre. What was the game if you don’t mind me asking?

Can you tell me what information there was that led to this supposed so called cheating?
I dont think it is fair that I get punished for this when all I did was bet what was on the live wagering menu.

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it was overseas basketball. it was this game right here Akhisar Bld. @ Antalya Güneşi. I took two live wagers for under 115.5 and 118.5 the game finished ended 59-52

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Gotcha. I’ve been playing on this site for 10 years each and every day and I’ve never seen this before. The integrity of the game being questioned. That’s so bizarre. An explanation as to what had happened is absolutely warranted.

I enjoy live sports betting but recently it has gone to complete S&!T. Maybe the integrity issue is on bovada and the line not updating correctly. Wouldn’t surprise me.

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Get ahold of any friends you may have in Turkey :slight_smile:

I was just betting just to bet lol. I dont know teams i just look at the live wagering and bet from there this is complete BS thou

I was just betting just to bet lol. I dont know teams i just look at the live wagering and bet from there this is complete BS thou,. No one can give me a valid explanation

Yeah man. I’m always throwing some money at live games overseas. I feel ya.

Can you give me a valid explanation of what happened? How was there cheating going on? Can we see online to see these teams or players getting caught for this?

We’ll escalate to the sports team to see if something specific can be ascertained, but the decision isn’t likely to change unfortunately. In cases like this while it obviously wasn’t your fault for betting this, it isn’t fair to the other side or players that lost these bets if the game was confirmed to be part of any cheating or collusion for example.

The sports team did reply that essentially there is some evidence and strong reason to believe that this match was fixed and the result pre determined. Hence, they voided the wager. I do of course apologize for this on your end as it’s likely that you made a wager completely unaware, but again in these cases it is unfair for us to essentially take winnings from players who lost.

This is overseas basketball how are we supposed to know anything that is going on. We will see this evidence online so i can read about it, If this was in the United States you would read about it everywhere. How can I bet with confidence now that you will simply not just cancel a bet in the future because of said integrity issues without showing proof of it?

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I do understand the point here, but it isn’t like this is a common occurrence or something that happens regularly. This is probably only the second or third time I’ve ever seen a wager cancelled for an item like this over the last few years.

As far as whether there will be actual articles written about a cheating scandal on this game I obviously can’t confirm that sadly. Hopefully something that has exact relevant details is eventually submitted though.

Funny. I have yet to see anything on the internet about something was off in that game. Nothing saying they were doing an investigation or anything