Keno win ...down to last 8 bucks



I will accept any positive vibes from this lol

Thanks! Just won $236 on several Keno wins, I’ll pass it on and quit while I’m ahead lol

What bet amounts and how many numbers do you guys typically do?

I stay within the $0.01 - $1 range. Most of my wins are when I spend $0.01. That particular day, I played $1 and won probably 30% of the time. Good return for that short time period. I stopped before I would have probably entered a losing streak.

I have not tried more than $1 often and when I tried it, I lost. I also have never looked up strategic ways to play so there might be something to it for those spending more.

My best Keno plays are when I’m playing state lottery and everybody gets the same winning results. I know Bovada is running this one that generates different numbers for people so I don’t play it as often anymore.

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How many numbers do you pick?

Fluctuate from 10 to 15. Depends on my bankroll.

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Explains why I didn’t hit shit this weekend :laughing: