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Hi all!

Going to start buying and selling vouchers. Reviews appreciated!


Quick and professional Venmo trade


Very quick transaction. Will be buying from again in the future


Was lucky to be Kgpjr1 first buyer and was such a smooth trade!! Look forward to buying from Kgpjr1 again!! Thanks so much!!


Hi, I deposited to you $90 via Venmo. However, I didnt receive a voucher. I received $25 back instead of $90. Could you send me the rest of the refund? Thx.

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I can say that @Kgpjr1 is stand up, nice and easy to work with, very good experience.

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I want to apologize to @Otis444 as I had technical issues with venmo. I never intended to have the problems I did. I am happy to report those problems have been solved and all is well with us. Again, very sorry for the problems but thank you so much for your understanding and patience!

All good! Thx Kgpjr1! :paw_prints: :heart: :paw_prints:

I sent you a payment Venmo

Voucher sir ??? On Venmo ?? I have a Lebron and MJ photo @***(remove by moderator please send by PM)

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