Leaderboard Page Needs Editing

The Leaderboard page has a confusing banner.

It reads “Happening Now Full Schedule Today’s Results How It Works”

The first two are not accurate descriptors.
Full Schedule is actually “Tomorrow’s Schedule + Future Events.”
Happening Now is actually “Today’s Schedule - Those That Have Already Happened.”

Now, the titles that I have in quotes would be too clumsy.

Why not ELIMINATE one of these tabs completely. Get rid of “Happening Now” and create a heading “Upcoming Events”. Clicking on it would reveal all events not yet held, including the very next event and events into the future.

If you really insist on having a separate list of today’s remaining events, then you could call it “Happening Soon.” But honestly, you already have the box over on the far right side that says Next Leaderboards and shows the next three events. I think that is sufficient and you could get rid of Happening Now altogether and by merging it with Full Schedule and renaming it something accurate like “Upcoming Events.”


Thank you for the feedback @ConsiderThis we will pass it along and keep you posted

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The leaderboards haven’t been posted for nearly 10 days. Are they coming back soon?

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