LeSean McCoy - Ask me anything

Hi everyone,

We are extremely excited to announce that LeSean McCoy will be joining us in the Community on Friday at 6pm ET for an ask me anything.

We’ll be taking questions before the date so that we can better organize and make sure as many as possible get answered. Feel free to post your questions below for the 6x Pro Bowler and 2x Super Bowl champ!



Hey LeSean, in your career was there one player, when you lined up opposite them, you knew you were going to be in for a looooooooooooong day?


Lesean, Having been with Andy Reid previously in Philadelphia, what is the first thing you said to him after winning the Super Bowl when you reunited with him in Kansas City in 2019?


Would love to hear about an off the field struggle/s that you had to face along the rise to elite. You’ve proven to be a champion on the field, tell us some of the stuff that has made you one off of it as well.


If you could have done anything else that wasn’t football what career would you have pursued?


Hello Lesean! It’s an honor. I saw you ball out each and every week, so I know there’s plenty, and what you did in the blizzard bowl, amazing!!! but could you let us know your most memorable moment as a Philadelphia Eagle?


Hey again LeSean, if you had to pay to watch any one player in the NFL today, who would it be and why?


Was there ever a time during your playing career where you regretted pursuing your NFL dreams?


A big fan of yours and your commitment to the Eagles!! I heard about how you love to give back!! What was the one thing you did off the field that gave you the most joy during your time in Philly!! I enjoyed your time at Philly… Your Jersey is forever a Philly!!


3rd and 1 from your own 25. 2 minutes to go in.game. other team has 2 timeouts and you are up by 1. What play do you call? Second question more serious. Who is the hottest kardashian?


It’s no secret, Andy Reid loves his food, he talks about it. Seeing you had him as a HC in both an area Philly cheesesteaks were around, as well as later with Kansas City bbq, what’s the most amount of food you have seen that magnificent man put down in 1 sitting? Thx for doing this btw

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Shady, what was playing in a rivalry like the Dallas cowboys like? Was there more intense practices leading up to the game? Did players want to be more aggressive in the rivalry ?


Who is your favorite teammate of all time?


Hi LeSesn,
Tell us about your favorite run play in your career.
Thank you!



From 2010-2019 no player in the league scored more touchdowns, ran for more yards, or gained more yards from scrimmage than you did. This led to you being named to the 2010’s All Decade Team.

In 2020 you played with the Buccaneers and won your second Super Bowl ring.

You’ll be headed to the Football Hall of Fame in the near future.

What advice would you give to young kids that want to pursue their dreams playing football and having a career doing it?

One other question, if I recall early in your NFL career you suffered a pretty bad concussion, do you think the league has done enough to protect the current players and done enough to take care of those that suffer from CTE today from playing in the league?

Congrats on a great career and thanks for your time.


Hey Brother thanks for your time and explosive energy you gave to the fly Eagles :eagle: Fly been a Eagles fan since randle C . Have a great holiday with the fam and thanks for coming to chat with us Go Eagles

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While not openly talked about, how familiar are players on any given week with the spread or even their own player props? I’m sure with the spread it’s hard to not hear about it from somewhere right? For example as a RB would you know or see that you were projected to get 40 yards rushing or whatever?