Live Dealer Room

A few suggestions that I think most players can agree with me on concerning live dealer room.
Can We Plz turn down the music in the live dealer room!
If it’s part of a house strategy to make it where I can’t hear myself think, it’s doing just that.
Have the dealers actually check for blackjack.
This so that new users don’t think the shoe is loaded. The tiny speck of a camera that is in the middle of the table went unnoticed on my part untill just today.
Have the dealers shuffle at the table.
I understand that the idea is to save time. With that being said the best thing about the live dealer room is the idea behind watch the cards being dealt, there is comfort in knowing that the game isn’t depending on a flawed algorithm.
That’s all I got thanks for your replys.


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Hi @hunter89,

Thank you for your suggestions.

We will pass on your feedback to the appropriate Department.

Agreed about the volume. It would be nice if we could adjust the volume level instead of having it on mute or very loud.

I agree with #1 and #3. #2 is not as important to me but I’d like to hear the dealer’s voice and converse with them however I always mute sound because the music and background noise is so loud.

Also, I highly co-sign dealers shuffling cards within view so that there is no question that everything is authentic.

Thank you for listening!

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I would like to just give everyone here a BIG WARNING, do not play live dealer on your iphone. The live dealer game on iphone is very glitchy and laggy, i have a ticket open right now for around 11k that was spent in 5 hands on live dealer because the 100 chips kept becoming 1k chips. I had this same issue happen two days ago when i tipped a dealer a 100 dollar ship for winning a big hand and it read it as a 1k chip., Thankfully bovada stepped in and refunded me the 900 dollars that was in error. With this new ticket that i have open, i spoke with the customer service supervisor elishe/alisha(not sure how she spells her name) this morning and she went ahead and let me know that she was working on my case and she was resolving the issue my account would be updated in 10minutes and my balance would be updated. i thanked her for solving the issue and hung up the phone. About an hour late i get a message saying they wont issue me my money back because there was no issue found( which is what they always say) and when i called back in to let them know that Alisha told me she resolved it and i was getting my money back they wouldnt let me speak to her. I dont know how they go back on there word when i was told the issue was resolved and my account balance would be updated in 10 minutes to being ignored just because they didnt want to issue back 11k. Thats a good warning to any of you other high roller players, watch out because when an error occurs on there side they will take your money. Ive lost 60k+ in the last year with bovada fair and square and never gave them a complaint, but i do have an issue when its money that i did not bet because that is money that is stolen from me. I just want to warn everyone that this issue has happened, i dont want anyone else going through what i currently am. Ive been a player here for 4+ years, been a hosted player, won big money here and cashed out but an experience like this is just horrible. Best of luck to all of you out there, AND DO NOT PLAY MOBILE!!! i will update my post because they are currently doing a further investigation into this and i deserve to have my money back!

not surprised. The customer service chat reps and the phone reps are always god AWFUL. I mean… abysmal. The mods on the forum seem to be head and shoulders better. I remember one time I had some heated dispute with bovada. I bet the game spread on a tennis match. Clearly stated it on the bet slip. They graded it as a set spread instead and then told me for several days multiple customer support reps that I was clueless more or less and didnt know what I was talking about or bet. They eventually fixed it… days after the fact. Was just how the people on the phone spoke to me lol telling me i was wrong when i was obviously right and anyone who could read english at a childs level could see that the word game is different than set. but I was wrong and not getting my money was their stance. You are much more likely to get positive customer service talkin to the mods on these forums to be honest.

I just got off the phone with customer service and they are reopening my ticket to look at it again, is there anywhere on this forum i can create a topic regarding my situation for others to see? i feel that if i get enough attention bovada will not be able to do this to players!

@hood46 I see the issue has been brought up with a supervisor and they’ve reached out to our live dealer team. We will have to wait for the investigation to conclude and should you have any questions after this, please reach out to us here